collaborate with

collaborate with (someone or something)

To work on a task with another person or group. Which department are we collaborating with on this campaign?
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collaborate with someone or something

to work together on something with someone or a group. I will collaborate with Amy on this research. I was forced to collaborate with a totally uninformed committee.
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References in classic literature ?
Interrogated in her turn, the young girl replied calmly: "Where could we work better than in this solitude?" For Mademoiselle Stangerson had already begun to collaborate with her father in his work.
"Many major businesses already collaborate with our universities, but it can seem like a daunting or unfamiliar process for smaller organisations to navigate, which is where the Collaborate fund and associated support comes into play.
2) Those who collaborate with a thief are as guilty as the thief himself.
IANS Priyanka Chopra, who has worked with international names like Pitbull and DJ Will Sparks, said she would like to collaborate with singer Rihanna.
Global Banking News-August 4, 2017--AMCON to collaborate with EFCC to reclaim debts
The funding enables the companies to collaborate with New Hampshire-based colleges and universities to help turn their research, conceptualization and product development into economic assets.
To benefit themselves and their fellow Filipinos, farmers must collaborate with other sectors.
Summary: Tinie Tempah has revealed, at Alicia Keys' Black Ball, that he wants to collaborate with songstress Adele.
Auto Business News-December 24, 2010--Toyota Motor Corporation to collaborate with Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd(C)1994-2010 ENPublishing -
Mike Donaghy, managing director of Serenity Pictures, utilised NorthernNet to collaborate with Newcastle firm Magic If and Leeds-based The Defenders, who wrote and recorded the song, Mr Capello.
Electricite de France (EDF) (EDF.FR), a France-based utility company, is planning to collaborate with Rosatom, Russia's state atomic energy corporation, according to a Les Echos newspaper report.
Businesses in China may be missing out by not fully embracing opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and business partners, according to new research.
No physician can be required by contract or other agreement to collaborate with an APRN against the physician's will.
Teacher-librarians who collaborate with the public library will welcome this book of ideas for programs that might attract teens to reading at the school library.