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colder than a witch's tit

vulgar slang Very cold. Ugh, the winters here are colder than a witch's tit—that's why I'm moving to Florida.
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colder than the shady side of a banker's heart

Very cold. You better bundle up—it's colder than the shady side of a banker's heart today.
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The most likely scenario is that some wet and windy weather will arrive from the west, although there is a small chance of a spell of colder weather, with perhaps with some snow, mainly on hills.
Whether the next ten days will be the last colder days this winter - is not clear yet.
It will start to feel much colder by midweek with some snow possible in the north
Forecasting the trend for the next seven to 10 days, Paul predicts 'colder north west wind with snow to hills later next week and increasingly lower levels into the following week as winds turn more north easterly with a very cold and wintry February'.
Monday to Wednesday : Largely dry with some sunny spells on Monday and Tuesday, but feeling much colder in the brisk easterly wind.
It was also colder in other villages, such as in in Umm Al Quwain and Al Ain, when readings registered above 19 degrees Celsius.
It will feel cold because the wind is going to be strong, a strong gusty wind, even though we're looking at daytime highs of 6C to 10C during the day, it will feel colder than that in a northerly wind."
She added: "It will feel colder and we could see some patchy frosts first thing, daytime temperatures will reach the mid-teens at best and it will feel colder in the north.
According to the forecasters, the tropical and subtropical Atlantic is currently much colder than normal, and the odds of a weak El Nino developing in the next several months have increased.
IT can sometimes feel a lot colder than the temperature recorded on the weather forecaster's thermometer.
There are three successively colder waves of air that will blow into Taiwan during over the next six days, with the first blast of cold air arriving today (Jan.
The weekend was due to feel even colder with sunshine and showers, falling mostly as rain but perhaps turning to sleet on hills.
The LQ2 Series of quick disconnect couplings from CPC (Colder Products Co.) boast extremely high flow capacity for 1/8-inch connectors.
The following are the primary advantages of a VAV delivery system using colder SAT:
Reader's choice ANDREW LONE, MIDDLESBROUGH A Colder War Charles Cumming A mission goes wrong on the Turkey/Iran border, then the head of MI6's Turkish station dies in a plane crash.