cold water, to pour/throw

pour cold water on (something)

To discourage or deter someone from doing something; to make something seem less appealing or reduce someone's enthusiasm for something. News of unrest in the area really poured cold water on our plans to vacation there. Slashing your employees' benefits is a great way to throw cold water on their plans to stick with your company.
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throw cold water on (something)

To temper the excitement or enthusiasm someone feels about something. After I passed the final exam, my teacher promptly threw cold water on my excitement by reminding me that I still have to go to summer school.
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cold water, to pour/throw

To discourage, to dampen pleasure or enthusiasm. The analogy dates back at least to Roman times, when Plautus used it (Aquam frigidam suffundunt, “They pour cold water on us”), and also appears in William Scarborough’s collection of Chinese proverbs (1875).
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