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Cook, Ph.D., and his colleagues at Northwestern University's Institute for Policy Research, Evanston, Ill., looked at 10 Chicago Coiner schools and 9 non-Coiner inner-city control schools, selected randomly.
Constance Coiner (late professor of English at SUNY-Binghamton) and Diana Hume George (professor of English and women's studies at Pennsylvania State University at Erie) offered each other the kind of support that The Family Track offers its readers.
"My granddad and his dad fought wolves hard all their lives, and they won the battle," says Coiner, his hands jammed into the front pockets of his weathered blue jeans.
Coiner found this novel while writing a book about Meridel LeSueur, Tillie Olsen, and the Communist Party,(1) not the first time a woman in the movement seeking her sisters' lives has expanded and enriched recorded history.
Coiner is a smart and feisty dancer who marries acute observations about youth culture with idiosyncratic gestures that have genuine resonance.
The extra steps it takes to meter out and mix in the proper concentrations of PAM "can be a bit of pain," Coiner notes.
Dennis, executive director of the Freedom Forum Media Studies Center, New York (formerly the Gannett Foundation Media Center), thinks the coiner of the phrase was Richard Bernstein, a New York Times reporter.
alcoholic all -epic, copier, coir, coiner, coin, coil, clip, Vermouth Calvados, Advocaat, V.
As the coiner, I shall exercise my prerogative and decree that the latter is the proper way to pronounce this potentially valuable new word.
Auden said one of his dearest ambitions was to be cited in the OED as the coiner of a word.) The longest OED entry for a Tolkien coinage--and, to the authors, the one enduring mystery--is for the word hobbit itself, for which Tolkien contributed an elaborate imaginary derivation while admitting that he thought he had made the word up but wasn't quite sure.
Two exceptions to the rule of having policy makers from the developing world are the contributions of Lawrence Summers, former US Secretary of the Treasury, and American economist John Williamson, the coiner of the term "Washington Consensus," which provide their analysis of global developments.
Groomsmen were Neil Bero, uncle of the groom, Glen Allen, Virginia; Paul Coiner, San Antonio, Texas; Lyle Larson, Ripley, Tennessee; Greg Ratliff, Nashville, Tennessee; Brad Thomas, Birmingham, Alabama; Marc Thompson, brother of the groom, Dyersburg, Tennessee; and Lew Yoder, Oxford.
On December 22nd of last year, semi-retired tire store operator David Coiner of Hickory Grove, South Carolina, started out in his all-terrain vehicle to hunt deer as he often does on weekend afternoons.
"With the dot-coin bust, whether a company will be able to deliver or may go under has become a serious concern," says Joe Weller, managing director of NextLevel Venture Partners, a VC firm in Tysons Coiner, Va., that often counsels its portfolio companies on deal-making.
Jim Coiner (Kevin Lewis) just gets the better of Royal Orbit (Bill Watts/John Lowe) in the mile-and-a-half handicap, but Last Tango (Brian Rouse) has an appalling run before going down to My Eagle (Monty Stevens/ Mark Simmonite) in the sprint handicap.