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coincide with (something)

1. To happen at the same time as something else. Election day is going to coincide with the festival, so they are expecting a low turnout.
2. To match or be identical to something. My personality just coincides with his—that's why we get along so well.
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coincide with something

to agree with or match something; [for something] to happen at the same time as something else. This pattern coincides with the pattern we see in the carpet. My birthday sometimes coincides with Thanksgiving Day.
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The carnival committee has chosen the theme of Red, White and Bleu to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the twinning of Nuneaton with the French town of Roanne.
Hills spokesman Rupert Adams said: ``If the strike goes ahead it will coincide with the IOC's evaluation commission visit and is bound to cast a shadow over their ability to host a trouble-free Games.
The impressive performance of real estate stocks coincides with data provided by Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) which show that real estate had the best average corporate governance ranking of any U.
Thirdly, not mentioned by the NYT is that the rate of increase of abuse by clergy coincides with the "Gay" drive for homosexual equality which was well underway at the end of the sixties and then went public in a big way during the following decades.
A new Survivor smoothie will coincide with the series.
Personnel planners try to schedule change-of-station moves to coincide with the summer months in order to lessen the impact on military families.
When it certifies that the proposed shipment coincides with the foreign policy interests of the U.
Here his concern coincides with that of his client.
The Exhibition coincides with International Day against Drug Abuse.
Dawson's retirement from the Eagles coincides his retirement from the City of Los Angeles, where he worked as a civil engineer for 25 years, so he will have ample time to devote to his new bride's business ventures.
It coincides with the revival of Wallop Mrs Cox, the community musical about a family of Bull Ring traders by Euan Rose and Laurie Hornsby, which returns to the Rep from February 18 to March 1.
The launch date also coincides with the launch of the second generation of Sky Digital boxes, which are expected to stimulate interest in home cinema equipment.
Approval Coincides with Launch of Enhanced Rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulation Device
It coincides with steep fall in diamond prices in Chennai.