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coincide with (something)

1. To happen at the same time as something else. Election day is going to coincide with the festival, so they are expecting a low turnout.
2. To match or be identical to something. My personality just coincides with his—that's why we get along so well.
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coincide with something

to agree with or match something; [for something] to happen at the same time as something else. This pattern coincides with the pattern we see in the carpet. My birthday sometimes coincides with Thanksgiving Day.
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And since this month's full moon coincides with the moon's perigee - its closest approach to Earth - it will also be the year's biggest.
The campaign is taking place throughout June to coincide with National Sure Start Month, which is a national event to celebrate families and children and showcases family services.
The demo coincides with a four-day visit by International Olympic Committee inspectors and the potential embarrassment has encouraged Hills to lengthen their quote on the French capital from 2-7 to 4-11.
Further, Hamptons Health, LLC, the company formed to develop the many and varied commercial opportunities arising out of the success of The Hamptons Diet, will immediately begin collaboration with Coincide Publishing to develop a variety of mutually profitable consumer initiatives.
Anything in thought or action that doesn't coincide with official ideology is considered lacking legality, is discredited and criticized without regard to whatever truth or goodness it might possess," said the document, "The Social Presence of the Church.
Beginning with the May-June 2000 issue to coincide with the war's beginning, and continuing through this issue, Naval Aviation News has commemorated the war's 50th anniversary.
ISLAMIC terrorists plan an attack on a US nuclear power plant to coincide with the July 4 Independence Day celebrations, it was reported today.
A new Survivor smoothie will coincide with the series.
If Gargett is right that the apparent burials in Europe before the Upper Paleolithic are products of natural rather than ritual processes, then modern humans' arrival at the beginning of that period would coincide with the region's first instances of symbolic burial practices.
Personnel planners try to schedule change-of-station moves to coincide with the summer months in order to lessen the impact on military families.
Humans United in Giving International then distributed these goods to four Romanian orphanages to coincide with their program of nurturing, grooming, clothing, feeding, and playtime activities.
An exhibition on Soane's influence on twentieth-century architecture is on at John Soane's Museum and this new biography by Gillian Darley was hurried out to coincide with the exhibition on the master held at the Royal Academy at the end of last year.
If this does not coincide with the coach's "big picture" for the program, disharmony between the coach and the administration is inevitable.
The Economic Planning Agency (EPA) said Thursday it has revised its index of coincide economic indicators for April downward to 30.
The week, which runs until Sunday, aims to highlight the range of benefits of having vibrant, safe and clean local parks and events will be taking place up and down the country to coincide with the campaign.