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The Treasury has revealed that no new 1p or 2p coins were produced last year - amid renewed calls for the UK's two smallest denomination coins to be scrapped.
To facilitate trade and commerce Menander issued a large number of coins. These coins were struck in the well-established Indo-Greek fashion with elaborate details.
Diokno also noted that the Philippines has a lot of coin denominations compared to other countries and it should be utilized as intended.
The designer of the commemorative coin is Peter Valach."The NBS will exchange valid euro banknotes and coins for commemorative Pound 2 coins in a limited amount of 50 pieces per person," said spokesperson for the NBS, Martina Vrablik Solanyiova, as quoted by TASR.
Japan's Ministry of Finance issued nearly thirty types of coins in celebration of the 2020 Olympic games.
| Royal Navy PS2: This Navy coin as a mintage of only 650,500 and one is on sale on eBay for over PS200, while others have a more conservative estimate of PS5.99.
There are four types of coins; the gold coins weigh five and ten grammes while the silver ones weigh 25 and 50 grammes.
Summary: The Numismatics Gallery at New Delhi's National Museum has more than 1,500 rare coins on display
The reasons for collecting coins can vary enormously; for some, it is motivated by investment, and is intended to accumulate worth largely based on the metal value of the coins.
'Quite common'This coin in particular has at least two minting errors, making it even more valuable to coin collectors.
In the listing on the popular auction website, the description read: "In 2012, the Royal Mint issued a [pounds sterling]2 coin to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Charles, one of Britain's finest writers, with a unique [pounds sterling]2 coin that incorporates the titles of Dickens' famous works on its highly inventive reverse."
The BSP first released the new look for the P5 coin last year.