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a coign of vantage

A beneficial spot or position, especially for viewing something. "Coign" is a variant spelling of "quoin," the outside corner of a building or wall. My office affords me a fine coign of vantage, as I can watch everyone on the floor without them knowing,
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coign of vantage

a favourable position for observation or action. literary
The literal sense of a coign of vantage is ‘a projecting corner of a wall or building’; the phrase appears in Shakespeare 's Macbeth in Duncan's description of the nesting places of the swifts at Macbeth's castle. The word quoin meaning ‘an external angle of a building’ still exists in English, but the archaic spelling coign survives mainly in this phrase.
See also: coign, of, vantage
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Further exacerbating the situation, the old English magnates had turned increasingly to the "damnable" native Irish custom of coign and livery in maintenance of their private armies.
Like its sister novels, the third book of Eleanora Tate's South Carolina Trilogy exposes the intricate web of interconnections between family and community problems; simultaneously, it moves in a new direction to explore from an African-American child's coign of vantage increasingly complex issues of personal and social conscience.
Surah 7:46 and 48 speak of a group of men who are situated in some coign of vantage from which they can observe both the blessed in heaven and the damned in hell: wa-baynahuma hijabun wa-ala l-arafi rijalun yarifu-na kullan bi-simahum wa-nadaw ashaba l-jannati an salamun alaykum lam yadkhuluha wa-hum note he rejects the explanations offered by the exegetes (see below), but admits that "onction" is not satisfactory, and suggests it might mean: "L'allure procuree par Dieu h I'homme converti au Monotheisme d'Abraham.
In fact, Howth was extremely critical of Sidney: of his repeatedly promising but failing to deliver reform, of his abuse of the cess to the grievous detriment of the Pale, of his intent to abolish coign and livery, of his displacement of 'old' English lords from influence in the government of Ireland.
With over six months to go for the launch edition, confirmed participants include Arknav International, Aargus Global Logistics, Coign Consulting, Forbes and Co, Jaigad Ports and Infrastructure, Logistics India Real Estate, Online Tourism and Freight, as well as country pavilions from France, Belgium, Germany and China.
In a coign of the cliff between lowland and highland, At the sea-down's edge between windward and lee, Walled round with rocks as an inland island, The ghost of a garden fronts the sea.
No jutty, frieze, Buttress, nor coign of vantage but this bird Hath made his pendent bed and procreant cradle.