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cohabit with (someone or something)

1. Literally, to live with someone or something. This usage is often applied to different species of animals that are living together. It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to cohabit with each other peacefully.
2. To live with a romantic partner whom one is not married to. My daughter is already cohabiting with her new boyfriend, and I am not thrilled about it.
3. euphemism To have sex with someone. I heard a rumor that you've been cohabiting with Steve—is it true?
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cohabit with someone

1. [for an unmarried person] to live with a person of the opposite sex. They were cohabiting with one another for several years.
2. Euph. to copulate with someone. She had been cohabiting with him, and she admitted it in court.
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Nor is it clear that requiring a sexual relationship in any definition of cohabitation brings courts closer to a coherent approach.
"The judgment also states reference could be made during a cohabitation case to the current legislation regarding the economic advantages and disadvantages accrued during a divorce, which goes further than many might have expected."
the big car and the lion and the law and cohabitation wherever possible,
Jo-anne Lomax, of Liverpool law firm Morecrofts, said: "While pre-nups have yet to be fully recognised as binding in the courts, the cohabitation agreement is recognised.
Soyinka (1979) reports the model patterns of sexual behaviour in Africa, especially, among Nigerian university students and where premarital cohabitation was found to be common.
She said a long period of cohabitation may give rise to a presumption of marriage in favour of the party, as previously held by the East African Court of Appeal.Due to the cohabitation, the court found that Ms Waithira was Njagi's wife at the time of his death and not a stranger.
The post Archbishop slam Turkey, same-sex cohabitation, and gender choice appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
A cohabitation or prenuptial agreement can be a crucial tool to protect any business interests, investments and family dynamics.
According to the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs' report, Thursday, seven out of 10 single women here said they agree with cohabitation when marriage is intended.
However, siblings exposed to their mothers' cohabitation for longer periods had more partners than their siblings exposed to less cohabitation.
Luning and Pijpers (2017) give a valuable analysis of the interplay between politics and geology in forms of cohabitation between international mining companies and small-scale mining operators on large-scale concessions, which reveals much about the ways in which existing power relations are challenged.
However, while it is advantageous for male spiders to mate multiply over their life time, brief periods of cohabitation, a form of mate-guarding, are not uncommon.
Tony Award-winner Phylicia Rashad makes her Steppenwolf Theatre directing debut with "The Roommate," Jen Silverman's comedy about cohabitation. Steppenwolf ensemble members Ora Jones and Sandra Marquez star as Robyn and Sharon, comically mismatched roomies confronting midlife challenges.
The cohabitation reflects the mixed nature of semi-presidential system or its defining feature: the dual executive authority.
Other Concom members also criticized the semi-presidential model because of 'cohabitation,' or the president and prime minister belonging to opposing political parties which could lead to deadlocks and frequent dissolution of parliament.