cohabit with

cohabit with (someone or something)

1. Literally, to live with someone or something. This usage is often applied to different species of animals that are living together. It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to cohabit with each other peacefully.
2. To live with a romantic partner whom one is not married to. My daughter is already cohabiting with her new boyfriend, and I am not thrilled about it.
3. euphemism To have sex with someone. I heard a rumor that you've been cohabiting with Steve—is it true?
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cohabit with someone

1. [for an unmarried person] to live with a person of the opposite sex. They were cohabiting with one another for several years.
2. Euph. to copulate with someone. She had been cohabiting with him, and she admitted it in court.
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References in classic literature ?
Old Dorion was one of those French creoles, descendants of the ancient Canadian stock, who abound on the western frontier, and amalgamate or cohabit with the savages.
Is abandonment of the spouse in order to live and cohabit with another sufficient ground to disbar a lawyer?
The SC ruled that leaving his wife and family to cohabit with a married mistress definitely transgresses the clearly defined bounds of decency and morality.
Male spiders predominantly cohabit with subadult females with records for 161 species in which adult male araneomorphs cohabit with conspecific juvenile females (Jackson 1986).
1865)) improve fertilization success through multiple, prolonged copulations and for this reason cohabit with adult females for several days (Fahey & Elgar 1997).
Once a male finds a female's web, he may cohabit with her.
Males often cohabit with juvenile females--which is consistent with the predictions of Austad (1984) for cases of first sperm precedence--but males have also been observed cohabiting with adults.
foliata cohabit with females for longer than required for a single copulation, in the present study we aim to assess the impact of males cohabiting with females by (1) comparing positions of male and female spiders on their webs when alone and when cohabiting, and (2) comparing responses of males and females to simulated prey.
Why should the commissioner go into households to regulate as to who police officers should cohabit with, and why should we incur expenses in regulating private affairs of police officers?' he asked.
It is not clear whether fathers who cohabit with mothers at birth and subsequently get married will more closely align with their continuously married or continuously cohabiting counterparts.
In this section, we turn to the interpretation of the crossing parameters that indicate how likely it is--in the absence of homogamy--to marry or cohabit with someone from a different educational group.
But Raj Arnand, the lawyer who represented the four, cautioned that single women may still lose their benefits within three months of living with someone else because when the Court of Appeal struck down the ruling, the province responded by introducing a new rule, which allowed welfare recipients to cohabit with someone for three months before having their benefits reassessed.
According to Justice Laskin, many single mothers were involved in "try-on-relationships" which, he posited, were improperly defined as 'spousal.' Previous to 1995, under the Bob Rae NDP regime, single parents could cohabit with an opposite-sex partner for three years and still collect full welfare benefits.
Mothers may have lower expectations for men who cohabit with them.