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cogitate on (something)

To contemplate something. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to cogitate on it, all right?
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cogitate on something

Rur. to think about something. Cogitate on this idea for a while. I will have to cogitate on this for a few days. I'll get back to you.
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I mentioned reading the old Sears catalog when I wasn't cogitating, but I forgot to mention that all of my reading was restricted to the warmer months of the year.
When people talk about Eugene, whether with flushed cheeks or rolling eyes, they are usually talking about south Eugene: tie-dyed activists, cogitating and dreaming but avoiding real work, swearing they drive only so people can read their bumpers.
Finance can be thought of as the central nervous system of the global economy: It is feeling the pain of huge losses from weather extremes, with insured losses rising from $400 million a year in the 1980s to $83 billion in 2005 (Epstein and Mills 2005), and they are cogitating on their response.
While cogitating, Ariane pictures the actual photo-panels in their candy-colored staginess.
Luca Venturella is also there, in the flesh at least--the rest of him might be off and away cogitating new ideas, designs, and concepts to keep coffee a vibrant product.
AFTER deliberating, cogitating and digesting the original Master Chef, who can deny it was a load of old cobblers?
This new legislation rattled its way around the corridors of power, through the House of Commons and the House of Lords and back again, probably several times, in and out of various government offices, with highly-paid civil servants cogitating about the wording, legalities etc.
The former MP for Ceredigion and AM for mid and west Wales, Cynog Dafis, who was a candidate for party president, said last night: 'We have been cogitating on Plaid Cymru's strategy, its message and its mission in particular in relation to the 2007 Assembly elections.
He finished by saying: "Let's hope that the proposal that the Italian government foresees and that the European Commission is also cogitating on will make it difficult to carry out malversations [misconduct in public office]"
has created a rich portrait of Americans cogitating their way through lived moral problems.
Meanwhile, the Member States within the Council are cogitating endlessly about the majority support required to adopt the Commission proposals about raising the ceiling and extending the scope of Euratom loans.
From the moment he parked his backside on a flight home from the Far East before a World Cup ball had been kicked, he must have been cogitating on exactly how McCarthy's downfall might have been plotted.
All that musing and cogitating soon caused me to wonder about holster designs and how they might change for the "space age" which made me think about how holsters came about to begin with and I suddenly found myself writing this.
Trained as artists and not humanists, they probably did not have much stamina in devoting time away from the studio reading cogitating philosophical issues.
In the past few months, there's been a lot of hilarious semantic commentary about two political and religious demagogues, all of it cogitating the question of whether or not they are too "extreme." By cobbling up a fuzzy kind of national socialism and wrong-footing Republican fat cats, Pat Buchanan has got a lot of thumb-suckers wondering if he's gone too far.