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cogitate on (something)

To contemplate something. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to cogitate on it, all right?
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cogitate on something

Rur. to think about something. Cogitate on this idea for a while. I will have to cogitate on this for a few days. I'll get back to you.
See also: cogitate, on
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To cogitate on the meaning of life, the distinction between animate and inanimate beings will suffice.
Given that this assertion is true, let us now cogitate how the phenomena of life, death, and life after death have been expressed in the belief of the Yoruba.
To cogitate on the normative strength of the belief in life after death, it seems crucial to note that some associated concepts are used in Yoruba metaphysics.
Holm cogitates upon Icelandic life rooted in close family and community relationships, farm-fresh foods, traditional furnishings, and a deep awareness of history and folklore: there is nothing remote about the sagas.
This month, contributing editor and axman Nicholas Thompson offers the music industry some marketing tips he's learned while selling CDs in the New York subway system, and Sarah Wildman cogitates on the bourgeois snobbery of TV's latest British import, "What Not to Wear.
You don't want to look like a female impersonation of yourself" Actress Susan Sarandon cogitates on having Botox injections