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cogitate on (something)

To contemplate something. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to cogitate on it, all right?
See also: cogitate, on

cogitate on something

Rur. to think about something. Cogitate on this idea for a while. I will have to cogitate on this for a few days. I'll get back to you.
See also: cogitate, on
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We deliberated, cogitated and digested thousands of nominations from Mirror readers, spent days poring over your votes and opinions, and pulled out hair at the blatant vote-rigging by V21 and B3ta.
Jerry cogitated on this idea and a few weeks later a handy little box arrived in the mail.
So the FA should be on the phone by the start of next week once they've deliberated, cogitated and discussed.
That's because Frank Theatre's identity resides exclusively in Knox's heart and mind, where plays as wide-ranging as Mac Wellman's Sincerity Forever, Sophie Treadwell's Machinal and Maaria Koskiluoma's Tottering House get poked, prodded and cogitated upon until they are ready to emerge, wholly fresh and original, for the rest of the world - particularly critics - to puzzle over and argue about long after the production has ended its run.
The most beguiling cogitated golden statue of Pakistan was hosted in Karachi early this week after a triumphant show in Dubai last year.
Names that aren't instantly recognisable to the casual observer hide biographies which are cogitated with nostalgic frenzy.
For the next few days I cogitated long and hard, reasoning that rather than taking on another old car I should be having a clear-out.
Whey-faced and shaking, we retired to the pub, just for a change of scene, and cogitated how we could wangle the currency situation.
I left lesson one not so much confident of my ability to string a sentence together, but quietly confident that words that once seemed like an elongated glissando of incomprehensible sounds can be cogitated and digested to make perfect sense.
Parkin, while driving home to the cottage he shares with eldest brother Lester, cogitated that perhaps his timing had not been so smart after all