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cogitate on (something)

To contemplate something. This is a big decision, so I need some more time to cogitate on it, all right?
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cogitate on something

Rur. to think about something. Cogitate on this idea for a while. I will have to cogitate on this for a few days. I'll get back to you.
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club are find the Bolingbroke, an investment Morgan, advised Glazer in person visit"He's very measured, very cogitate in decision making Michael Bolingbroke on Ed Woodward
PM Khan has also formed a committee comprising the state minister for interior, information minister and foreign minister to look into the matter and cogitate a strategy to defuse the ongoing political tension.
Many spectators cogitate that rebels and militias cannot be highly trained in handling of such weapons through smuggling and in installations.
Consider the statistic that no Championship goalkeeper has picked ball out of his net more often than Hudders-field's Alex Smithies, cogitate on Demarai Gray's obvious potential, ruminate on Andy Shinnie's remarkable renaissance.
Ypsilanti, MI, July 17, 2013 --( Cogitate Inc.
But still they cogitate and digest the menu, peruse the specials board and ruminate on the wonders of "fancy" ingredients like tarragon and things done "four ways" - when the only way we really know of is burned.
They cogitate, deliberate and finally announce their decision on the Thursday.
In the meantime, here are a few thoughts upon which to cogitate. In the olden days, when Noah was a lad and anyone outside the top four stood a reasonable chance of winning the thing - yes, I know Portsmouth defied financial gravity to do so last season, there was some kudos to a May Day in north London.
No time to cogitate, recall or discuss what to write down (this is the best part of the quiz night!), as your paper was whisked away!
He is part of the great cycle of life that ends in decomposition, yet he is also apart from it because he can consciously experience it and cogitate on it.
I beseech the Sindh Government especially to worthy to Chief Minister to kindly cogitate on this issue and pass orders for inviting application from eligible candidates possessing postgraduate/graduate and professional qualifications for appointment against vacant posts in the District, maintaining the merit as per policy.
The uncertainty of predicting your mortality and spending needs conspires against you, and you inevitably cogitate whether if you do retire you might outlive your wealth, or if you do not retire there is a risk you might regret the life you missed because you were always working.
“Not long ago, we pronounced our leadership changeover to give Jeremy Scott the needed period to improve and polish the subsequent segment of our strategy and organization and to dedicate efforts to cogitate about how Trade Miles International can bring itself to the fore,” said Mr.
Pollsters and analysts can cogitate, ruminate and pontificate all they like.
Instead of bashing off an email I would have to actually write a letter, with pen and ink, and post it and, cut off from my umbilical broadband connection, I would have to go onto the office and write this column rather than cogitate over it in the privacy of my own home (they can''t touch you for it) and send it by the press of a button.