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coexist with (someone or something)

To occupy the same space as someone or something, often peacefully. Can you please stop fighting and just coexist with your sister for a few hours? It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to coexist with each other.
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coexist with someone or something

to exist agreeably or tolerably with or at the same time as someone or something. I decided that I would have to coexist with your policies, despite my objections. It is hard for cats to coexist with dogs.
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Coexisting mutations within AKT1, BRAF, EGFR, ERBB2, KRAS, NRAS, and PIK3CA genes were observed in 86 lung cancers (7.1%) (Table 2).
A case of twin pregnancy with complete hydatidiform mole and coexisting fetus following IVF-ET.
When x(0) is varied, many coexisting attractors appear, as shown in Figure 6, in which every subdiagram represents a pair of coexisting attractors; the blue attractor and the red attractor start from different initial values of x(0).
Although we successfully managed the patient and retrieved the ureteral stone without any complications, several complications may occur due to complete ureteral duplication.[sup.2] The use of high power holmium:yttrium aluminum garnet laser may be more safe compared to pneumatic lithoclast for the disintegration of ureteral stones in patients with coexisting urinary anomalies.
Moreover, there were a few sex differences in rates of coexisting autoimmune diseases.
Based on the survey, only a third (32%) of pediatricians were mostly or highly confident in identifying coexisting psychiatric conditions.
A patient's constitutional factors also play a major role; these include such things as coexisting disorders, temperament, intelligence, and social skills.
Another coexisting directory could be an organization's Human Resources application.
Moreover, because relatively few particles make the transition at any given time, it's difficult to detect their movements amid those of all the other particles present in the coexisting liquid and solid states.
The debate concerned the language in ancient Rome: was the linguistic state monolingual - the learned speaking a more refined Latin than the rest of the population - or bilingual - Latin and a true vernacular coexisting? While the various treatises written by some of the participants in the debate and later treatments of the subject have received much critical attention, earlier studies, with the exception of Mirko Tavoni's Latino, Grammatica, Volgare: Storia di una questione umanistica (1984), are more limited in scope.
Only 32% of charts had notations of coexisting conditions, Dr.
Coexisting illness or conditions were associated with longer viral excretion in stools.
A series of spare, life-size portraits bore witness to the different cultural and ethnic presences coexisting within a single urban society.
"Almost every customer we deal with faces the challenge of managing a mixed network environment, with Linux and Solaris servers coexisting with NT and Windows 2000," said Paul Anderson, CEO of Novacoast, a Novell solution provider partner based in Santa Barbara, Calif.
To achieve such an effect, one needs to produce a number of coexisting situations in which a given force is allowed to operate for different times.