coexist with

coexist with (someone or something)

To occupy the same space as someone or something, often peacefully. Can you please stop fighting and just coexist with your sister for a few hours? It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to coexist with each other.
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coexist with someone or something

to exist agreeably or tolerably with or at the same time as someone or something. I decided that I would have to coexist with your policies, despite my objections. It is hard for cats to coexist with dogs.
See also: coexist
References in classic literature ?
In an Arizona desert one does not long coexist with only such creatures as these: one must have pack animals, supplies, arms--"an outfit.
Augustine--such depths of feeling could coexist with such absence of imagination.
Cadwallader inquire into the comprehensiveness of her own beautiful views, and be quite sure that they afford accommodation for all the lives which have the honor to coexist with hers.
Some of its young would probably inherit the same habits or structure, and by the repetition of this process, a new variety might be formed which would either supplant or coexist with the parent-form of wolf.
Exhibition elaborates on the particular cosmology he has developed and expounded on in his earlier one-man shows where hidden spiritual realities coexist with ours.
A significant involvement of the state in the media sector has and continues to coexist with strong protection for press freedom and a deeply held respect for journalistic autonomy" (p.
BOGOTA, October 11, 2011 (WAFA) -- President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that the Palestinians are willing to peacefully coexist with Israel as long as it recognizes their right to statehood and halts all settlements activities in the Palestinian Territory, especially East Jerusalem.
In fact, it raises questions about contemporary Islam's ability to coexist with non-Islamic peoples -- in Iraq and elsewhere.
There is nothing in any creed of Islam that sanctions any Muslim's right to peacefully coexist with, or have mutual respect for, any other religion.
Fiery, leg extensions coexist with rippling torsos and voluptuous arm swings, while the devouring and rearranging of space remains a priority.
His arms cover his genitals and, even more incongruously, one of them, wrapped behind his back, gives the image an almost derisive appearance, allowing religious allusion to coexist with its parodic reversal.
Until now, scientists believed that the Neanderthals of Europe, who disappeared 33,000 years ago, were the last hominids to coexist with modern humans.
By this he means that certain beliefs of a particular religion are capable of reevaluating themselves to coexist with changing culture, without losing its truths.
The liberal arts school could coexist with the project-based school, the JROTC academy with the school for peace and social justice, the school that requires uniforms with the one that lets students collectively determine the dress code from year to year.