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coexist with (someone or something)

To occupy the same space as someone or something, often peacefully. Can you please stop fighting and just coexist with your sister for a few hours? It took some time, but our cat and dog are now able to coexist with each other.
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coexist with someone or something

to exist agreeably or tolerably with or at the same time as someone or something. I decided that I would have to coexist with your policies, despite my objections. It is hard for cats to coexist with dogs.
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"No one would have guessed that if you put three limiting resources together with many species [in a spatially featureless model environment] that they would be able to coexist" without influences from outside, says ecologist G.
Though the consensus right now is that multiple streaming services can and will coexist, the question is, how will we all decide what to watch?
"We are not able to say with certainty at the moment whether or not the two projects can coexist," the minister said, adding that this was the reason the research was so important.
The only way to move forward as a nation is to coexist peacefully and respect each others' religions.
PIK3CA mutations frequently coexist with EGFR/KRAS mutations in non-small cell lung cancer and suggest poor prognosis in EGFR/KRAS wildtype subgroup.
Azerbaijan is a very successful model of a country where ethnic groups coexist peacefully, Samia Bibars, Director of the Inter-Civilizations Dialogue Department of League of Arab States (LAS), said Oct.
"The goal of this plan is to allow our residents and local coyotes to continue to safely coexist without incident."
You see bumper stickers and signs that say this word spelled out with creative lettering displaying the various groups that should coexist. A Google definition of Coexist is: (of nations or peoples) exist in mutual tolerance despite different ideologies or interests.
Global Banking News-April 26, 2017--South Korean central bank report says Bitcoin can coexist with formal currency
Exhibition elaborates on the particular cosmology he has developed and expounded on in his earlier one-man shows where hidden spiritual realities coexist with ours.
If infinitely many attractors coexist for the same set of system parameters, the phenomenon is called extreme multistability [32], showing that various coexisting attractors have essentially extreme multistability.
Alchemy will coexist, suggesting that that there might be instances when Team Flash will be dealing with both villains at the same time.
Organised by alumni from the Cambridge Coexist Leadership Programme, an initiative of the Coexist Foundation in partnership with the Cambridge Interfaith Programme, the group will meet at 11am for the five-hour event.
"Sunnis and Shiites are unable to coexist and the Jews are unable to coexist with Arabs in Israel and Palestine.