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coerce (one) into (something)

To force, compel, or threaten a person or animal to take a certain action. The maid coerced her famous employer into paying her an exorbitant sum of money. It took a lot of treats to coerce the cat into her carrier for a trip to the vet.
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coerce (someone or an animal) into something

to force or compel someone or an animal to do something. I could not coerce her into coming along with us. You cannot coerce a cat into anything.
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Moreover, three structural flaws of Article 18 essentially ensure that this provision will never become customary international law: (1) a veritable catch-22 involving the definition of coercion, (2) the disappearance of the internationally wrongful act, and (3) an overly strict and confused standard of attributive causation in the language "but for the coercion." Each flaw further enables coercing states to plausibly deny this brand of responsibility.
Second, if Taiwan decides to liberalize trade, there is some risk for an economics-first China in both coercing and not coercing.
While these efforts can convey the increasing probability of more punishment to come should the target state fail to comply, if the target state does not fear the coercing state or if the target state cares more about the goals of its efforts than the coercing state, any amount of coercive diplomacy is bound to break down.
In three grimly titled books--The Tempting of America, Slouching Towards Gomorrah, and Coercing Virtue, his latest--Bork has made it his mission to place America at various way stations along the road to perdition.
The prospect of having to pay all damages as a consequence of joint and several liability, the high costs of defense and possible punitive damages are persuasive factors in coercing settlements.
Dubai: A businessman has been sentenced to a year in jail for molesting a seven-year-old schoolgirl and coercing her to satisfy him sexually while giving her private Quran lessons at home.
Speaking of the EU's role in coercing Romania to jettison its anti-homosexuality laws, the spokesman remarked: "We want to join the European Union, not Sodom and Gomorrah."
And the generic medieval heroes--the King Arthurs of the world--could have been knights in shining armor but often also the oppressive tax-collectors for their feudal lords and armed warriors coercing unarmed peasants.
School officials, while they may have to tolerate groups like the Good News Club, should never be in the business of promoting them or pressuring, coercing or even encouraging youngsters to attend such gatherings.
The legitimacy of such demands would encourage a range of policy and therapeutic options, using consequences and coercion, that are incompatible with the idea of a no-fault brain disease." So while coercing the schizophrenic is justified because he can't control his behavior, coercing the addict is justified because he can.
Each water drop deposited near the altered wafer's center experiences different surface tensions at its head and tail, resulting in a force coercing it toward the water-friendly edge.
Dubai: A businessman has been accused of molesting a seven-year-old schoolgirl and coercing her to satisfy him sexually while giving her private Quran lessons at her home.
In his affidavit, Bhushan also stated that Maran was not even questioned or arrested for his role in coercing and finalising the sale of Aircel to Malaysia-based Maxis group.
When New Zealand police investigated a man suspected of coercing girls from poor families into engaging in sex acts for money with himself and a circle of male acquaintances, they found some unusually damning evidence.
Strossen agrees that coercing women into making pornographic films should be illegal and notes that it is in fact already illegal.