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coerce (one) into (something)

To force, compel, or threaten a person or animal to take a certain action. The maid coerced her famous employer into paying her an exorbitant sum of money. It took a lot of treats to coerce the cat into her carrier for a trip to the vet.
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coerce (someone or an animal) into something

to force or compel someone or an animal to do something. I could not coerce her into coming along with us. You cannot coerce a cat into anything.
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Did our goal of conducting unfunded research by exploiting a coercible labor pool lead us to miscalculate the educational benefits to students and to see benefits when they were absent?
(The relationship on which the lattice is based is the partial order is coercible to.)
La funcion coercible apunta a producir cambios directos en la vida politica, como la prohibicion de la poligamia, la despenalizacion del aborto o la regulacion de la homosexualidad.
Existen tambien definiciones que senalan especialmente el caracter coercible de la obligacion: "la relacion juridica en virtud de la cual una persona (deudor) debe una determinada prestacion a otra (acreedor), que tiene la facultad de exigirla, constrinendo a la primera a satisfacerla" (Rugero).
The last two essays of Part II derive Kant's doctrine of rights (coercible duties), his doctrine of virtues, and a systematic ordering of grounds of obligation from the single principle of the systematic unity of freedom for all.