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coerce (one) into (something)

To force, compel, or threaten a person or animal to take a certain action. The maid coerced her famous employer into paying her an exorbitant sum of money. It took a lot of treats to coerce the cat into her carrier for a trip to the vet.
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coerce (someone or an animal) into something

to force or compel someone or an animal to do something. I could not coerce her into coming along with us. You cannot coerce a cat into anything.
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Journal: The fact that you have identified three different types of coercers suggests that this threat of mass migration can come from many different places and the dynamic can change.
N] and the coercer does not know the prime factors of n, the coercer automatically accepts this claim since he cannot prove the contradiction, i.
1) The coercer's role: The coercer communicates implicitly or explicitly a conditional proposal, typically involving a threat, against another, accompanied by some demand regarding the latter's future actions.
We examined four situational characteristics that would be expected to affect women's attributions and guilt following sexual coercion: number of sexually coercive experiences, whether the experience involved intercourse or attempted intercourse, whether it involved use or threat of physical force, and familiarity with the coercer.
Second, a coercer must factor the related and potentially more destabilizing North-South conflict into any strategy for peace in Darfur.
I know of no successful lawful-act duress claim in Anglo-Australasian law where the pressure applied was against the victim's economic interests only, for example, where, in support of some specific demand, the alleged coercer has threatened not to do future business with the victim, (87) or has otherwise threatened to limit the victim's commercial opportunities, (88) even where the effect of such 'threats' is to apply quite intolerable pressure to the victim.
El motivo detras de los esfuerzos de Pekin para intensificar la sensacion de inseguridad en el pueblo Taiwanes es obvio: es una estrategia de "anexion progresiva" dirigida a coercer Taiwan a que se rinda ante su ultimatum de unificacion.
The fatal error that has dogged the abortion debate thus far, according to McDonagh, has been a failure to identify the fetus as the coercer in pregnancy.
Two principal weaknesses result from the lack of a conceptual framework: the absence of agreed definitions of what coercion is and who the coercer and target are; and disagreement on how to determine success.
Hosmer's concept is similar to Robert Pape's assertion regarding a denial strategy: "The coercer must exploit the particular vulnerabilities of the opponent's specific strategy.
A traves de esta experiencia d Banco aprendio como coercer a sociedades enteras -o al menos a sus lideres mas ambiciosos- mediante sus creditos que aseguraran las obras necesarias para el desarrollo de la infraestructura economica en el largo plazo.
An extreme example of this kind of case is intentional acquiescence in the face of coercion: doing what one's coercer demands in order to avoid a still worse fate seems, on its face, to be a self-preserving rather than a self-abnegating act.
Tomando como base el mandato primigenio, es que Riox organizo no solo el espacio en la tierra, sino el de los diferentes estratos o niveles entre Cielo y Tierra, ubicando en sitios clave --montanas, cuevas, ojos de agua, ermitas, iglesias-- a las diferentes deidades secundarias encargadas de: promover e inculcar el mandato primigenio las vias para cumplirlo; vigilar y coercer para su cumplimiento; y ayudar a la humanidad a restaurar su patrimonio y su salud, todo ello hasta donde sea necesario, en aras de lograr el cumplimiento del mandato primordial de adoracion, para la provision del nutrimento a Riox y que ello sea con constancia y eficiencia.