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coerce (one) into (something)

To force, compel, or threaten a person or animal to take a certain action. The maid coerced her famous employer into paying her an exorbitant sum of money. It took a lot of treats to coerce the cat into her carrier for a trip to the vet.
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coerce (someone or an animal) into something

to force or compel someone or an animal to do something. I could not coerce her into coming along with us. You cannot coerce a cat into anything.
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In contrast with the cases discussed above, where various conditions indicate supervisory sexual abuse of power to coerce sex, Speaks v.
This, however, is a politics-first Taiwan's least preferred outcome, for, if it perceives that it is likely to be coerced by China, it would rather restrict trade (01) than have a politics-first China coerce and then punish it (05), but it would prefer to fight and lose on the political issue (05) than to acquiesce willingly when coerced (03).
Planning committee member Coun Peter Douglas Osborn (Con, Weoley) said: "The attempts to lean on and coerce officers is something I have not seen before in my eight years on this committee."
Dubai: Three men have been accused of kidnapping a worker and locking him up in a flat to coerce his father to waive his ownership of a property in their home country.
Anwar has been charged with four counts of corruption in which he is said to have abused his office as deputy premier by instructing police to coerce witnesses to retract allegations of his sexual misconduct.
The police in Tucker did not coerce the defendant to make the statement and, therefore, did not violate his Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination.(22) The police did, however, violate the rules of the Miranda decision.
Anderson says it might be possible to coerce these cells to make proteins including dozens of artificial amino acids, perhaps leading to novel drugs, industrial enzymes, and polymers with unique properties.
The court ordered further proceedings to determine of officials acted unreasonably when they characterized the prisoner's statements to an officer as an attempt to coerce the officer into not enforcing a prison shaving rule.
How can we compel or coerce [the enemy] to behave differently than he's behaving right now." Cynics might observe that the disastrous Vietnam War strategy devised by the "Best and Brightest" was based on the same idea: Escalations followed by bombing "pauses" were supposedly intended to modify the Hanoi regime's behavior.
Alas, they have neglected to consider the happiness of the tax-hiking state legislator and the activist toiling to coerce the rest of us into changing our lives.
It is one more example of the arrogance of homosexual activists in their campaign to coerce acceptance of their abominable lifestyle.
If that leader, ship succeeds in its efforts to coerce financial support via the state and to get the American government to impose the Holy See's repressive codes on sexuality and morality, our country will be in deeper trouble than we can imagine.
Summary: Suspect denies charge, claims ex-wife's malicious complaint was made to coerce him to drop custody case
Now, the same scientists have used genetic engineering techniques to coerce more-complicated organisms into placing unnatural amino acids into proteins.
Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a public university cannot coerce student participation in religious practices.