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1. verb, slang To tease someone. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Quit codding your little brother, will you? He's getting upset.
2. verb, slang To fool or deceive someone. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Don't give this guy any money, Mom—he's trying to cod you!
3. noun, slang A fool. Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. Mom, don't be a cod and give this guy more money. He hasn't done a single part of this job right so far!

pay (for something) COD

To pay for a purchase when it is delivered as opposed to in advance at the time of ordering ("COD" being an initialism of "cash/collect on delivery"). I always prefer to pay COD so I can inspect my order before handing over any money. If you do not have a credit card when ordering online or over the phone, you can arrange to pay for your purchase COD.
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send (something) COD

To dispatch something to a recipient who must pay for it upon delivery. "COD" is an initialism of "cash/collect on delivery." All our products are sent COD, so please be sure to have cash ready when your item arrives. I asked them to send the furniture COD so I could inspect it before handing over any money.
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The COD of the run was determined by crossing the lines of each section with both feet.
On the other hand, the variable for COD under 180[degrees] from backward sprint to forward spring was explained by a 10-m Sprint variable (12%, p = 0.006).
However, the variation for properties of the 30-m [CODS.sup.1] variable based on the general time required for COD at a 60[degrees] angle was explained only by the 30-m [CODS.sup.2] variable (8%, p = .026).
The fundamental goal of this study was to investigate the effects of linear speed and jumping ability (lower extremity explosive power) on COD agility performance measures, such as the 30-m [CODS.sup.1] and 30-m [CODS.sup.2].
(2015) studied 16-17-year-old soccer players (n=16) and found a moderate correlation between the Zigzag test without using a ball (COD under 100[degrees] angle) and the 10-m sprint.
There was, unfortunately, insufficient data available with which to definitively determine the extent to which foreign directed allocations of Pacific cod affect the ability of U.S.
The foreign directed fisheries take a large, but not dominant, share of the Pacific cod catch in the U.S.
EEZ is an important, but not predominant, source of Pacific cod in the world marketplace.
domestic Pacific cod fishery, to a significant extent, has depended upon the ability of the domestic factory trawl fleet to market Pacific cod as a substitute for Atlantic cod.
Like the Pacific cod fishery, the development of the U.S.