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old codger

An affectionate or playfully derisive term for a cantankerous, eccentric old man. My grandpa is such an old codger, but we all love his gruff ways.
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old codger/coot/fogy

Unflattering names for an elderly man. Old codger, dating from the mid-1700s, may imply that he is testy or crusty, whereas old coot, from the mid-1800s, indicates he is silly or ignorant. As for an old fogy, he may be hidebound in tradition. None of these is a desirable epithet, or, as Terrel Bell put it, “There’s only one thing worse than an old fogy, and that’s a young fogy” (commencement address at Longwood College, Virginia, June 17, 1985). A newer and decidedly vulgar synonym is old fart, dating from the first half of the 1900s. Phil Donahue said it of himself on his NBC television show in 1992: “I didn’t always look like an old fart like this.”
See also: codger, coot, fogy, old
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VVWHAT they say Kevin Prendergast, trainer of Crafty Codger "He was second on his last start in a nursery and has form with the Birdcatcher second Focussed, who ran very well at Naas.
And, wonder of wonders, it turns out that this cranky codger, worn down with decades of care and frustration, still has dreams and hopes, and is willing to take some extraordinary risks to go after them.
Completed about a year ago and officially named the Codger Pole in dedication ceremonies, the creation is the largest chainsaw sculpture of human likenesses in the world, according to LaBenne.
Rod Delamere Surviving Old Codger, Pontprennau, Cardiff
Sources say that Joel, 60, was just too much of a codger for his 27-year-old wife.
AFTER ENJOYING THEIR MUSIC back home in Blighty, I got ahold of some more of their charged sounds, provoking misty-eyed reminiscences of Killing Joke and Gang of Four for this old codger.
You might think that a magazine in its 96th year, put out by an association in its 116th, would be well into its dotage, doddering around like an old codger revelling in long-past successes.
Remember Me BBC1, 9pm Dodgy old codger Tom has vanished and Hannah (terrific newcomer Jodie Comer) needs to find him and get some questions answered before somebody else dies a watery death.
And once again, Ashley doesn't behave in a vicarly way because his solution is to turf the old codger out of the vicarage.
What frustrates this old codger even more is that the most affluent members of our society, 21 to 24-year-olds, often get concessions when we do not.
But German stand-up Henning Wehn said people did not understand his country's love of slapstick, adding: "An old codger falling over or a cake in the face is always funny - even in a famine.
The sketch where the young guy's date turns out to be an old codger was a hoot.
Looking in the mirror I don't like what I see Who's that wrinkly codger Peering back at me?