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blue code of silence

An unspoken policy of concealment by police regarding the wrongdoing or illicit activity of other officers. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I respect the need for the police, but it's hard to trust them completely when so many stories of the blue code of silence come to light.
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clean code

Computer programming code that is written concisely, efficiently, and in an organized manner, so as to be easily read and understood by another. We encourage all our programmers to write clean code so that anyone else in the company can easily use and add to their work if necessary.
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code of silence

The practice of not disclosing important or vital information by members of a group, as due to the threat of violence, reprisal, being branded as a traitor, or an inherent sense of honor. There are parts of the city where the code of silence is so strong that police don't even bother questioning the residents there.
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break (a/the) code

To determine or decipher a secret code. It is imperative that we break the enemy code and access their plans. She definitely broke the code on my phone—her picture is suddenly my new background!
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break a code

to figure out a code; to decipher a secret code. The intelligence agents finally broke the enemy's code. When they broke the code, they were able to decipher messages.
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bring something up to code

renovate an old building or update its features in line with the latest building regulations. North American
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code brown

n. a fecal accident. (Jocular word play based on a hospital’s PA announcements of various color codes.) Code brown on third floor east.
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code yellow

a urinary accident. (Jocular word play based on a hospital’s PA announcements of various color codes.) Whoops. Code yellow. Change the sheets and the mattress.
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The principal trait of an Open-Source (es) project is simply stated in the name, but it involves more than just open-source code.
Workers can print out a paper label of the same code to stick on the outside of the mold after it closes in order to keep track of all the steps in the process because the stencil will be hidden from view within the mold.
On some campuses, defenders of liberty modified the worst aspects of speech restrictions; on others, students or faculty used media attention and ridicule to force administrators to abandon the most embarrassing parts of their codes.
Manufacturing activities described in SIC Code 357 (manufacturing computer or software equipment) or SIC Code 367 (electric components and accessories);
offers a bar-coding add-on that prints bar codes and imports inventory transactions recorded remotely by a data collection device.
A transposed digit in a number code is enough to produce rejection of a billing claim as inappropriate.
They will be published in the California Building Code, California Electrical Code, California Mechanical Code, California Plumbing Code, and California Existing Building Code -- all parts of the California Building Standards Code.
At current costs, the effort to collect tissues from animals and bar code these samples would be only about $1 billion.
Opponents contend it would cause confusion if a business had two numbers for the same building, or co-workers in the same office had different area codes.
The use of higher intensity service codes, either for visits (evaluation and management services) or for procedures (e.
State manufacturing directories are still a useful tool but their utility does not compare with some of the more sophisticated data bases such as the new Dunn's 2 + 2, which classifies industry SIC segments by six- and eight-digit codes.
At this time (July 2005) the smart codes described are only a design; the software to provide and manage them has not been written.
The NFPA's mission, it says, is "to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by developing and advocating scientifically based consensus codes and standards, research, training, and education.
While the United States explores the possibility of updating its current medical coding system, those who use the codes debate the effects of the change.