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I should cocoa!

dated No way; there's no chance; you must be joking; I think not. From rhyming slang of the sarcastic phrase "I should say so," meaning the same. Primarily heard in UK. Bob: "So, are you going to finally join us for some karaoke?" Janet: "I should cocoa!"
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I should cocoa (or coco)

I should say so. British rhyming slang
1996 Melvin Burgess Junk He said, ‘Someone'll really buy it and it'll be theirs then.’ ‘I should coco,’ I said.
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Spotlight Mexican hot chocolate with a Day of the Dead Celebration promoting cinnamon-spiced cocoa and a feast of Latin foods.
Host a Rococoa Festival that invites customers into your store and out of the winter cold with a combination art festival and cocoa promotion.