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I should cocoa!

dated No way; there's no chance; you must be joking; I think not. From rhyming slang of the sarcastic phrase "I should say so," meaning the same. Primarily heard in UK. Bob: "So, are you going to finally join us for some karaoke?" Janet: "I should cocoa!"
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one one coco(a) full basket

Small, gradual steps ultimately complete a task. A comma is sometimes used between "one one." Primarily heard in Jamaica. Try not to get overwhelmed by all the work we still have ahead of us on this project. One, one coco full basket, right? We managed to fund the entire project from thousands of small individual donations. Like my granny always said, "One one cocoa full basket."
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I should cocoa (or coco)

I should say so. British rhyming slang
1996 Melvin Burgess Junk He said, ‘Someone'll really buy it and it'll be theirs then.’ ‘I should coco,’ I said.
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One project in Vietnam, operated by US government-funded sustainable cocoa organisation the Success Alliance, has farmers growing cocoa beneath the already present forest canopy--to great success.
For visiting tourists, the region's cocoa tradition, at least superficially may still carry on.
The survey also identified the cocoa swollen shoot virus as the most devastating disease attacking crops.
The bottom line: Cocoa butter may not raise cholesterol as much as a saturated fat like dairy butter, which is low in stearic acid.
George's sense of "a confrontation with fate" (28) in meeting Cocoa, for instance, destroying the pragmatic, empirical order of his life, seems "like a bizarre photograph ...
Because defatted cocoa contains much less cocoa butter than the standard product, the constituents of the cocoa solids (e.g., protein, starch, dietary fiber) are present in higher percentages.
Imports of other cocoa products have also shown a decrease over the last several years, except for chocolate goods.
The Global Cocoa Market size is expected to reach $29.5 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 3.51% CAGR during the forecast period.
But the COCOBOD says it is rather unfortunate that some farmers in the region will make such statement knowing well that both the Government and COCOBOD have made items available to all cocoa farmers in the region.
Summary: Cocoa market research report categorizes the global market By Product Type, By Form, by Process, By Distribution Channel, By Country and Competitive Analysis.
The Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria (CFAN) has expressed regrets over the neglect of the cocoa sector, calling on the Federal and State Government to work towards reviving and repositioning the sector.
On a chilly morning, when cold winds whip the air and clouds hide the sun, there's nothing more comforting than a cup of hot cocoa. While coffee may wake you up, and tea may soothe you, hot cocoa brings back childhood memories and wraps you in a cocoon like a warm blanket for your soul.
The alarming warning from the manufacturer, based in Bournville, comes as farmers growing cocoa beans continue to "die out." Cadbury is now part of US food maker Mondelez International.