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(as) cocky as the king of spades

Conceited or haughty. Don't invite Joe to lunch unless you want to hear him brag about all the important things he's doing in his new job. He's just as cocky as the king of spades lately. No one in the neighborhood cares for the Smiths. They're always as cocky as the king of spades whenever they're socializing with us. You're not going to make many friends at your new school if you act as cocky as the king of spades just because they don't like the same things as you.
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*cocky as the king of spades

boastful; overly proud. (*Also: as ~.) He'd challenge anyone to a fight. He's as cocky as the king of spades. She strutted in, cocky as the king of spades.
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If the African-American antecedent of the music is the pure, essential form of the commercialized product, it stands to reason that the cock in rock is going to be that much cockier in hip-hop, New Jack Swing, or ragamuffin.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Viaduct 9 Czech 10 Clove 11 Updates 12 Eli 13 Tidemark 16 Horrific 17 Cox 19 Cockier 21 Gunge 22 Radii 23 Enlists DOWN: 1 Evacuee 2 Palomino 3 Rune 4 Academic 5 Tent 6 Chasm 8 Tour de force 13 Terrific 14 Richness 15 Expense 18 Ochre 20 Coda 21 Gulp QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Storm clouds 8 Sew 9 Imp 11 America 12 Error 13 Lie 14 Ego 15 Injured 17 Arc 19 Iced 21 Rode 23 Idea 25 Soya 27 Not 29 Rehouse 31 Add 34 Paw 36 Dread 37 Outcome 38 Yam 39 Led 40 Wooden spoon DOWN: 1 Semi 2 Twee 3 Reigned 4 Clam up 5 Obese 6 Dire 7 Smog 8 Salsa 10 Proud 16 Die 18 Cry 20 Can 22 Oar 24 Desktop 25 Shady 26 Cocoon 28 Towed 30 Ended 32 Draw 33 Demo 34 Polo 35 Amen
Lord Tebbit also accused the Lib Dems of growing "cockier by the day".
The tanned talisman has a persona as spiky as his blonde-tinted locks, but for 20-year-old Hartlepool scrapper Young the cockier the better - all the more ammunition to embarrass with.
"There is so much room for another Spice Girls, and I would love to see it with younger girls." Louis still seems to be the brunt of most of Simon's jokes, despite being much cockier last year, and also the proud winner with Shayne.
Through a string of nightly encounters with Socrates, the young stud, one of the cockier and more talented members of the UC Berkeley gymnastics team, begins to grasp the old guy's notion that every moment counts.
West Ham 1 QPR 1 THE AWAY fans belted out a song louder, prouder and cockier than followers of a bottom-of-the-table team should be entitled to sing.
Robbie Williams is back, cockier and more rock 'n' roll than ever.
"They're all far cockier than when I was a teenager and there were men in our dressing room like Andy Goram, John Spencer, Ged Brannan and Don Goodman.
SPANDAU Ballet - cockier and cooler than ever - turned back the clock last night.
They are cockier and more full of swagger than ever before."
Star performances Ladbrokes, the BHB and Lingfield - for making the first all-weather Pattern race such a success, as the crowd of just under 5,000 will surely testify Ride of the day Jimmy Fortune for not panicking when all looked lost on Wavertree Warrior Cheers `Barty' A big thank-you to Ian Bartlett - cockier than ever following his win with Lindus Atenor - for supplying the press room with dim sum.