blow away the cobwebs

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blow away the cobwebs

To energize or invigorate oneself. ("Cobwebs" are spider webs that are typically found in abandoned spaces.) When was the last time you left the house? Come on, get out there and blow away the cobwebs!
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blow away the cobwebs

If something, especially exercise, blows away the cobwebs, it makes you feel more alert and lively, when you have previously felt tired. We had a walk after lunch to blow away the cobwebs. Note: Verbs such as brush away, clear away and dust away are sometimes used instead of blow away. We had to get a game in to brush away the cobwebs before the Germany match.
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blow (or clear) away the cobwebs

banish a state of lethargy; enliven or refresh yourself.
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blow away the ˈcobwebs

(informal) make you feel lively and refreshed, especially after you have been indoors for too long: After sitting around for hours, we went out and had a long walk along the beach to blow the cobwebs away.
A cobweb is a fine net of threads made by a spider, often found in rooms or buildings that have not been used for a long time.
See also: away, blow
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