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cobble together

To form, assemble, or complete something very quickly, especially in a rough, sloppy, or careless manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cobble" and "together." The incoherent arguments in your paper tell me that you cobbled the whole thing together in study hall this morning. It looks like he cobbled together that rickety bike with old junk from his basement.
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cobble up

To form, assemble, or complete something very quickly, especially in a rough, sloppy, or careless manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cobble" and "up." The incoherent argument in your paper tells me that you cobbled it up in study hall. Look at that rickety bike—it looks like he just cobbled it up with old junk from his basement.
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enough (something) to cobble dogs with

A large amount of something. You guys have enough decorative pillows here to cobble dogs with! It must take you half an hour to remove them when you want to go to bed. The country has enough natural resources to cobble dogs with, and yet most of their citizens live in abject poverty.
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cobble something up

 and cobble something together
to make something or put something together hastily or carelessly. Who cobbled this thing up? Take it apart and start over. The kids cobbled up their model planes badly. It looks like you cobbled together that report just last night.
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I had the pleasure of taking out our new Endurance SLr Disc for the day which was an absolute dream to ride with a Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain and Mavic Aksium wheels dressed with Continental 28mm tyres, which floated over the cobbles.
She added: "We've had problems before where cars have been damaged by flying cobbles."
And they say the cobbles are in storage to be used elsewhere in the town at a later date.
Andy, who runs ASHtech home improvements, added: "They say the cobbles are being kept in storage to reuse them later but I'm not getting a direct answer if they are going to be replaced back where they came from, in the road again, or used elsewhere.
The cobbles made up only 21.7km of the day's route, but brought with them a constant fight for position and battle of nerves, such is the likelihood of crashes and mechanical problems.
Team Sky wingman Thomas, second on the leaderboard and just seven seconds off Belgium's Greg Van Avermaet in the Yellow Jersey, warned the 15 sections of cobbles totalling 13.5 miles will make riders sore in places they never knew existed.
Va Va Froome didn't make it to the cobbles in 2014, when he crashed out with a fractured wrist and broken thumb, and he expects major contenders in the general classification to fall by the wayside again.
I nearly broke my ankle on Corrie's street of cobbles y
The riders were wary of the cobbles, some of the sectors of which are used in the Paris-Roubaix one-day classic known as 'the Hell of the North'.
Chris Froome managed to avoid the cobbles 12 months ago by crashing just a few yards before they started, breaking a wrist and heading for the team car and an early bath.
In order to refer to these in a more appropriate and relevant way it is proposed that these assemblages of stone tools are described using the generic and collective term 'cobble stone mining tools', a term which more accurately reflects their origin as waterworn cobbles (or sometimes rounded weathered lumps of rock) selected for a range of interchangeable mining tool tasks.
Coronation Street's famous cobbles may be preserved forever after an application to give the set listed status.
LAST autumn workmen in Dundee made a remarkable discovery: while carrying out road repairs, they unearthed 10,000 wooden setts that were once used to pave streets instead of stone cobbles.
To reduce multicollinearity, we used a t-test for equality of means to evaluate independent samples (SPSS, 2008) and Pearson's correlation test to evaluate correlations between habitat variables and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to combine boulders, cobbles, pebbles, small grains, forbs, grasses and shrubs into three components with eigenvalues [greater than or equal to] 1.0.
The cobbles will be laid in a path as part of a major landscaping of Belmont Green.