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cobble together

To form, assemble, or complete something very quickly, especially in a rough, sloppy, or careless manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cobble" and "together." The incoherent arguments in your paper tell me that you cobbled the whole thing together in study hall this morning. It looks like he cobbled together that rickety bike with old junk from his basement.
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cobble up

To form, assemble, or complete something very quickly, especially in a rough, sloppy, or careless manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cobble" and "up." The incoherent argument in your paper tells me that you cobbled it up in study hall. Look at that rickety bike—it looks like he just cobbled it up with old junk from his basement.
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enough (something) to cobble dogs with

A large amount of something. You guys have enough decorative pillows here to cobble dogs with! It must take you half an hour to remove them when you want to go to bed. The country has enough natural resources to cobble dogs with, and yet most of their citizens live in abject poverty.
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cobble something up

 and cobble something together
to make something or put something together hastily or carelessly. Who cobbled this thing up? Take it apart and start over. The kids cobbled up their model planes badly. It looks like you cobbled together that report just last night.
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We've had this lovely cobbled road and over the last couple of years it has been abused and not put back the right way.
Froome recovered from his own tumble on the eighth cobbled sector to finish in a much-reduced peloton alongside Sky team-mate Thomas, but others were not so lucky.
"A lot can go wrong in 15 cobbled sections, but I do enjoy the cut and thrust of Classics-style racing.
Davangere, March 24 (ANI): Sonia Gandhi, Chief of Congress party, kicked off her election campaign by targeting a rag tag coalition of parties, Third Front, that has been hurriedly cobbled together mostly by regional satraps to fight the forthcoming elections.
The all-but-lost story of those early years is exhumed in Jason Scott's BBS: The Documentary, an eight-part, five-and-a-half-hour, three-DVD history cobbled together from some 200 interviews with the people who ran, used, and covered the world of the boards.
THE Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine is to get a new pounds 3.4million cobbled driveway paid for by taxpayers.
Stirling Council has set aside money to pay for the repairs to cobbled streets at the Top of the Town.
LIVERPOOL council has explained the reason behind a road repair that left residents from a "beautiful cobbled street" in the city centre fuming.
Eight members of the MI Racing Academy travelled to northern France to compete in one of the hardest youth races in Europe - the youth version of Paris-Roubaix - taking in many of the infamous cobbled roads raced over by the top professionals in the world.
Yet the pair finished on the same time as Froome and Vincenzo Nibali (Astana), the defending champion who was among the main protagonists on the six cobbled sections which came in the final 46km of the stage.
CHRIS Froome's Tour de France title defence is over after the Team Sky leader abandoned the race on the cobbled fth stage following three crashes in two days.
Froome hurt his wrist and suffered bruises to his left side in a fall on stage four but was cleared to start Wednesday's stage which features several treacherous cobbled sectors.
He said: "The wrist is painful and it's certainly not ideal going into tomorrow's cobbled stage - but I have a great team around me and we'll get through the next few days as best we can.
The cobbled area near the town hall in Yarm high street which is to be replaced