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cobble (something) up

To assemble or complete something quickly and/or sloppily. The incoherent argument in your paper tells me that you cobbled it up in study hall. Look at that rickety bike—it looks like he just cobbled it up with old junk from his basement.
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cobble something up

 and cobble something together
to make something or put something together hastily or carelessly. Who cobbled this thing up? Take it apart and start over. The kids cobbled up their model planes badly. It looks like you cobbled together that report just last night.
See also: cobble, up
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I nearly broke my ankle on Corrie's street of cobbles y
The riders were wary of the cobbles, some of the sectors of which are used in the Paris-Roubaix one-day classic known as 'the Hell of the North'.
Once a working “gentleman's dairy farm,” Cobble Close comprises a number of connected buildings totaling 29,000 sq.
Cobble also runs a plant in US Dalton and in China.
Primitive' style surface workings mined using stone cobble tools and with brushwood fires were reported in 1796 (Briggs 1976).
On the 911 call, Cobble could be heard calling out Box's name to try and get his attention, but his friend, the University of Oklahoma player, was unresponsive.
However, Cobble Hill Association members accused Jones of using her celeb status to turn the decision in her favour and threatened a lawsuit to foil her plans.
It was a highly respected design and development organisation,' said Ian Laven the General Manager of AMTRI Cobble.
For at least the last decade, feminist historians, Cobble among them, have been contesting and revising the "June Cleaver" popular image of these post-war years, challenging the notion that Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique spoke about, or to, working-class and African American women.
Although we get great feedback from our clinical sites about how well our students do, they will now be even better prepared before they go to their clinicals," Cobble said.
The people who are dismissing Kucinich out of hand are the same people who are shocked by this big anti-war movement that has had such growth in so short a time," says Cobble, who is an adviser to the candidate.
Until recently, most service providers were forced to cobble together partial solutions from enterprise-oriented security solutions--primarily firewalls and VPNs.
Wilson suspects that the few cobbles that were completely conquered by Amplexopora may not have been overturned because these animals built up a massive colony in a shape that stabilized the cobble.