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have a cob on

To be angry, agitated, or irritated. Primarily heard in UK. John always has a cob on after getting stuck in traffic on his way to work. I don't know why you have a cob on—I was only trying to be helpful!
See also: cob, have, on

get a cob on

To become angry, agitated, or irritated. Primarily heard in UK. John always gets a cob on over the traffic on his way to work. Don't get a cob on—I was only trying to be helpful!
See also: cob, get, on

have (or get) a cob on

be annoyed or in a bad mood. British informal
See also: cob, have, on


1. n. a sharp poke or goose in the anus. Ouch! That cob hurt!
2. tv. to give someone a sharp poke in the anus. Tom cobbed Fred when he passed by.
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In addition, the COB decided to undertake a complete review of the audits conducted during this period, and needs some time to finalise this work together with the auditor.
After a good summer, you can expect two cobs per plant, but it's very weather-dependent so don't be too disappointed if you only get one.
Table 2: Effect of pre-anthesis drought and foliar application of potassium at different concentrations on plant height, cob growth attributes, straw yield and harvest index under field conditions.
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For many years Brightwells, through Mr Court's leadership, have been main ring sponsors at the Royal Welsh Show, and recently have sponsored the overall Welsh Cob Championship on the Wednesday afternoon.
Since many COBs have transitioned from the CEO role and have accumulated a large equity stake, or are founders with significant equity ownership, equity compensation tends to account for a smaller portion of the compensation package when compared to current CEOs.
2003) found that cob weight was higher when NPK fertilizer were applied at higher rates than lower rates as well as control.
He hired three experts on cob building from Northern Luzon who, while working, teach local workers on the technology so they can later become the cob builders in the town.
Effects of maize cob inclusion on feed intake and nutrient digestibility
My husband and I found the descriptions and pictures of cob houses entrancing and we decided to make our own.
I saw us living simply in a sturdy cob house, chickens scratching outside.
We didn't have data on how postharvest cob residues might protect soil quality," says Wienhold, who works in the ARS Agroecosystem Management Research Unit in Lincoln, Nebraska.
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2 October 2012 - US agribusiness company The Andersons Inc (NASDAQ:ANDE) has put its signature on a definitive agreement to acquire Illinois-based corn cob processor Mt Pulaski Products LLC.