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sugarcoat (something)

To say, explain, or present something in a manner that is easier to accept, understand, cope with, or endure. Don't sugarcoat it for me, Doc—is my wife going to make it? My grandmother was never one to sugarcoat her criticisms. If she thought you had messed up, she would tell you in no uncertain terms.
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sugar-coat the pill

To make something bad, unpleasant, or dissatisfactory easier to cope with, endure, or accept. The bosses are giving everyone an extra 10% bonus this Christmas, but I suspect it's a way of sugar-coating the pill that there will be massive pay cuts in January. I have to tell my mom about wrecking her car, but I need to find a way to sugar-coat the pill first.
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Self-contained in-mold coating system for SMC incorporates metering and pumping components for injection of liquid coating material.
There are a number of specialist companies involved in DLC coatings, many as suppliers to race engine manufacturers who adopted this technology a few years ago.
However, these coatings may cost more, something that grocery stores find difficult to pass on to customers.
Like the coating measurements, three th icknesses were measured to determine both thermal conductivity of the material and interfacial thermal resistance between the specimen and sensor plates.
Although short-term laboratory tests can give reliable information on a coating's long-term performance (which can also be backed up with field experience), an accurate prediction is impossible.
Powder coatings contain no solvents and release no volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the environment.
The company's new umbrella brand of powder coatings for heat-sensitive substrates such as MDF is especially created for designers and furniture makers.
Professional Coatings opted for its preferred method of metal spraying the railings and supports with zinc, rather than hot dip galvanise before powder coating, as the Metallisation process enables a superior final powder coat finish in comparison to a hot dip galvanised base coat.
In a slot die coating operation, a wide and uniform liquid film can be delivered close to the moving web.
10, 2006 New York Times magazine's "Year of Ideas" was a coating manufactured by Nissan.
In the absence of a satisfactory, ready-made mold coating, older research was consulted to determine that boron nitride might be a suitable material.
A new coating for wood products is being heralded by Grant Forest Products as a "big breakthrough" for the OSB (Oriented Strand Board) producer now ramping up production at its new $20-million coated structural board mill in Earleton.
Developed by Nano Coating Systems LLC of Fremont, Calif., the system applies a silicon oxide coating only 15 nanometers thick inside a blow molded bottle at a cost of less than $6/1000 bottles.
APPLICATION: A confocal laser scanning microscope with the new fluorescence stain technique can show the three-dimensional distribution of a coating binder.