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Can a paper containing high-yield pulp have brightness stability equal to that of a wood-free coated paper?
In some hospitals, however, coated stents aren't always available because supply lags behind demand, Marks says.
The next likely step in this area is coated linerboard.
Reid is confident enough in his coated lenses that he wore one in his own left eye for a week while wearing an ordinary silicone lens in his right eye.
Molds on this unit are coated with the alcohol-based coating at a rate of one mold half/3O sec.
Figure 1 shows approximate coefficient of friction values for uncoated and parylene coated robber specimens.
Coated free sheet supply is not as tight as coated groundwood.
In contrast, 12 percent of stents coated with a low dose of the drug and just 4 percent of stents with high-dose paclitaxel were blocked to this degree.
Also, it would make it easier to specify which areas are to be coated.
Acadia's programs were designed to investigate the effect several aggressive fuels have on parylene coated fluorocarbon, HNBR, nitrile and silicone.
This study compared stents coated with MIVT's polymer-free drug-eluting technologies to the J&J Cypher(TM) stent, one of the world's best selling drug-eluting stents.
APPLICATION: This paper can help to guide coating formulators in the contribution of pigment characteristics to coating structure for matte coatings of ink-jet papers that can be on-machine coated.
To successfully control the coating application process, a foundry must develop a coating control plan that identifies the coating application process, the cores or molds to be coated, the coating type, and the operating range and aim points for the material.
The insert is a thermoformed shell made from a thin thermoplastic sheet already coated with a formable dry paint film.