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"Dickon," cried she, in her high, sharp tone, "another coal for this pipe!"
'Dickon, a fresh pipe of tobacco!' and, 'Dickon, another coal for my pipe!' and have it into thy pretty mouth as speedily as may be.
"The wonder is," said the other, "that his pipe, which was out only an instant ago, should be all alight again, and with the reddest coal I ever saw.
"Dickon!" cried she, in her high, sharp tone, "another coal for my pipe!"
I worked on until the time came when I got in the last of the night coal by six o'clock.
It was Bill Totts, looking out of those eyes, who saw the inevitable end of the battle on the coal waggon.
But the three policemen were flung far and wide, and Bill Totts, raining down lumps of coal, held the fort.
The captain led gallantly to the attack, but was bowled over by a chunk of coal that burst on his head in black baptism.
Eat 'em alive!" From the sidewalk she heard a woman's voice cry out, "Look out, Bill--front end!" Bill took the warning and with well-directed coal cleared the front end of the waggon of assailants.
Many policemen crawled under the coal waggon for safety, while the loose horses, with here and there a policeman on their backs or struggling at their heads to hold them, surged across the sidewalk opposite the jam and broke into Market Street.
"Didn't swipe it," Nicholas answered, meeting them on their own ground and encouraging the idea that we had stolen the Coal Tar Maggie.
It was beautifully calm, and in the brilliant white moonlight we watched them through our night glasses and told Charley of the voyage of the Coal Tar Maggie.
Although, lignite coals show resistance to grinding (Ozbayoghu et al., 2008) but lignite coal of Dalwal presents higher value of HGI i.e., softer coal.
Table-3: Average values for trace elements in international coals.
Coal blending process is practiced for combustion and gasification, particularly in coal-fired power generation.