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coalesce into (something)

For two or more separate thing to merge or form into one thing. Initially, I wasn't sure if the movie was a drama or comedy, but it coalesced nicely into a dramedy as the plot unfolded.
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coalesce into something

[for two or more things] to blend or fuse and become one thing. The fading colors coalesced into a gray blur. In the distance, the crowd coalesced into a single blob.
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Effect of Coalescent with Different VOC Contents on Film Formation and Dirt Pick-up Resistance
Coalescent galls may also have potentiation of cell growth directly related to number of individuals inside their structure, as observed by Arduin et al.
Evaluations of the different coalescing aids were done in a full formulation and compared at equal loadings of coalescent across the systems.
Among several coalescent population-genetic methods that have been developed to model the evolution of genetic diversity and disparity associated with new species formation, two are especially informative and broadly useful.
DnaSP: DNA polymorphism analyses by the coalescent and other methods.
The coalescent is a model for the genealogical tree of a random sample of n DNA sequences from a large population.
16) triangular, coalescent suture between mesonotum and scutellum distinct, bisegmented.
Coalescent analysis: We analyzed the data as multilocus observations from the Northern and Southern sites using the program IMa2 (Hey & Nielsen 2004), which applies the isolation-migration model for estimation of the relative importance of migration and time since divergence.
Coalescent simulation based on cpDNAsequence variation suggested that the two lineages arose 0.28-0.09 million years before present and that following their divergence migration from Malay/Sumatra to Borneo strongly exceeded migration in the opposite direction.
To give something of the flavor, here are some of the titles in alphabetical order by author, from the top: Barth Anderson, The Patron Saint of Plagues; Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake; Stephen Baxter, Coalescent (Destiny's Children 1), Emperor (Time's Tapestry 1), Evolution, Exultant (Destiny's Children 2), The Hunters of Pangaea, Transcendent (Destiny's Children 3).
Three parameters were estimated with coalescent simulations, [tau] = 2[mu]t, [[theta].sub.0] = 2[N.sub.0][mu] and [[theta].sub.1] = 2[N.sub.1][mu], where [mu] is the mutation rate for the locus.
In 15% of the animals from Rhode Island, portions of the hepatopancreatic tubules exhibited pathological necroses that were rated as focal lesions (9%) or coalescent lesions (6%), and were identified as necrotizing hepatopancreatitis.
Both of these tests use coalescent simulations (Hudson, 1990).
Significance of [F.sub.S], D*, and F* was assessed in FSTAT by using 10,000 coalescent simulations (after Rozas et al., 2003) based on the observed number of segregating sites in each sample.
The recharging stations also feature a coalescent filter with a unique method of returning oil to the recovery compressor, ensuring a longer life.