coalesce into

coalesce into (something)

For two or more separate thing to merge or form into one thing. Initially, I wasn't sure if the movie was a drama or comedy, but it coalesced nicely into a dramedy as the plot unfolded.
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coalesce into something

[for two or more things] to blend or fuse and become one thing. The fading colors coalesced into a gray blur. In the distance, the crowd coalesced into a single blob.
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References in classic literature ?
Instantly the entire sphere burst into a mighty whispering, sharp with protest, almost twanging goldenly, if a whisper could possibly be considered to twang, rising higher, sinking deeper, the two extremes of the registry of sound threatening to complete the circle and coalesce into the bull-mouthed thundering he had so often heard beyond the taboo distance.
Many of these free-floating orphans are surrounded by disks of dust and gas with enough mass to coalesce into their own miniature solar systems.
It's in prayer that the data gets crunched and all the insight and understanding coalesce into the rich fabric of a homily.
Despite these domestic references, Schnitger lacks the political agenda of her predecessors, and, although the artist is adept at fabricating clever objects, her numerous art-historical references don't coalesce into a focused whole.
The structure's also the same: seven separate stories of seven characters that coalesce into a narrative tapestry.
In general, though, the conference topic is much too broad to allow the various contributions to coalesce into an organic whole.
They coalesce into lovely patterns that leave one odd, lonely figure, and then the patterns disintegrate.
This is followied by a brief outburst of violence; eventually the remaining Canadian provinces coalesce into regional groupings whose economic ties to the United States are stronger than their political ties to Ottawa.
Particles within the disk coalesce into nuggets and then ever-larger clumps, which over several million years grow into a planet.
The alternation of blurred and perfectly focused areas evokes spaces that are unapproachable; in the viewer's imagination they coalesce into land-, sea-, or cityscapes.
Although methane is constantly recycled between Titan's atmosphere and its surface, much of it is broken down by sunlight into other hydrocarbons that coalesce into smog.
Jammed that tightly, they would blast each other with radiation, and some might even coalesce into a black hole.
All the threat, fear, and intimidation seem to handily coalesce into a well turned-out challenge which dances perilously close to the unbecoming bummer of bitterness.
The large planet develops so swiftly that material in the inner part of the disk doesn't have a chance to coalesce into other planets.
In each photograph, change and stasis, clarity and fog, detail and totality oscillate, creating a theater of "non-happening," what the artist calls "time exposed." With a few significant departures, this show represented a continuation of Sugimoto's ongoing photographic series, begun in the mid '70s, in which images are produced by leaving the camera shutter open for as long as three hours, allowing the passage of time to coalesce into the single moment a still photograph purports to represent.