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coach (someone) for (something)

To help someone to prepare for something. My daughter struggles with public speaking, so I coached her for the debate.
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drive a coach and horses through (something)

To expose the flaws in something, such as a statement, argument, or belief. Primarily heard in UK. The suspect had said he wasn't there that night but then drove a coach and horses through that idea with today's contradictory statement.
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coach someone for something

to train or drill someone in preparation for doing something. Elliott coached his roommate every night for the contest. Juan coached Alice for the play.
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drive a coach and horses through something

Fig. to expose weak points or "holes" in an argument, alibi, or criminal case by [figuratively] driving a horse and carriage through them. (Formal. Emphasizes the large size of the holes or gaps in the argument.) The barrister drove a horse and carnage through the witness's testimony. The opposition will drive a coach and horses through the wording of that government bill.
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drive a coach and horses through something

mainly BRITISH
If you drive a coach and horses through an agreement or an established way of doing something, you destroy it or change it completely. The judgment appeared to drive a coach and horses through the Hague agreement. Ministers are driving a coach and horses through the plans.

drive a coach and horses through

make something entirely useless or ineffective. British
An early example of this idiom is found in this statement by the Irish lawyer Stephen Rice ( 1637–1715 ): ‘I will drive a coach and six horses through the Act of Settlement’. Early versions of the phrase also refer to a space big enough to turn a coach and six (or four ) (i.e. horses) in, but the context, following Rice's declaration, is very often that of rendering a law or regulation ineffective.
1997 Spectator A coach and horses was driven through one of the guiding principles of American statecraft.
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drive a coach and ˈhorses through something

succeed in avoiding certain rules, conditions, etc. in an obvious and important way, without being punished: The wage increase we’ve been given is three times the government’s limit. We’ve driven a coach and horses right through their pay policy.


n. a mobile snack truck. (The term was revived in the Persian Gulf War.) The roach-coach pulled up in front of the dorm every night about eleven.
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Consequently, instead of coaching one position, I coached the front 8 as a unit more than I had the previous year.
Hicks coached lower-level basketball at Palmdale High and was employed by the school as a security guard.
Names of the voters aren't released, but Winter, who has never coached in the East, has to wonder.
He coached at George Williams College, now defunct, and was the 1968 Olympic coach.
HEWITT: From working at basketball camps and watching teams coached by the masters of the game--Smith, Thompson, Pitino, and others.
He oversaw the training of numerous Olympic medalists and national champions from 1981 through 1992, having coached the Soviet Union national teams at the Olympics in Seoul in 1988 and Barcelona in 1992.
Joe's Prep High School, I coached a grade school team in a summer league.
It is hard for anyone to come into a new situation as coach,'' said Thompson, who has coached at Saugus for four years.
Like her father, she later coached at the high school and college levels, and in 1998 landed a coaching spot for the Tampa Bay Fire Stix, one of the country's six professional women's softball teams.
COACH: You have coached many wonderful freshmen, including Pearl Washington, Derrick Coleman, Sherman Douglas, and Billy Owens.
Before his stint with the Canadian team, Murray coached in Switzerland and Germany, and served as an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Flyers, Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota North Stars.
COACH: You were born and raised in Oklahoma, were an Academic All-American at Oklahoma Christian College, coached at Norman High, and are now the head coach at the state university.
But he has Division I head coaching experience and a local connection - he is from Palos Verdes and his father Bill coached the Lakers to two Western Conference championships in the late 1960s.
I might also add that I started and coached the Mount Union swimming team from 1974 to 1986, when I succeeded Ken as head football coach.