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coach (someone) for (something)

To help someone to prepare for something. My daughter struggles with public speaking, so I coached her for the debate.
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coach up

To improve someone's skills or abilities by coaching or instructing them. A noun or pronoun can be used between "coach" and "up." I could tell she had a ton of raw talent. She just needed someone to coach her up. They hired me to coach up their managers on conversational English.
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drive a coach and horses through (something)

To expose the flaws in something, such as a statement, argument, or belief. Primarily heard in UK. The suspect had said he wasn't there that night but then drove a coach and horses through that idea with today's contradictory statement.
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roach coach

slang A food truck, a truck or van outfitted to be a mobile kitchen used to prepare and sell food at various locations. Everyone in the office likes to get food from the roach coach that parks outside at lunchtime, but I don't really care for anything they serve. There's a roach coach that always comes around to the dorms and frats in the evening to sell munchies to the stoned college students.
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coach someone for something

to train or drill someone in preparation for doing something. Elliott coached his roommate every night for the contest. Juan coached Alice for the play.
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drive a coach and horses through something

Fig. to expose weak points or "holes" in an argument, alibi, or criminal case by [figuratively] driving a horse and carriage through them. (Formal. Emphasizes the large size of the holes or gaps in the argument.) The barrister drove a horse and carnage through the witness's testimony. The opposition will drive a coach and horses through the wording of that government bill.
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drive a coach and horses through something

mainly BRITISH
If you drive a coach and horses through an agreement or an established way of doing something, you destroy it or change it completely. The judgment appeared to drive a coach and horses through the Hague agreement. Ministers are driving a coach and horses through the plans.
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drive a coach and horses through

make something entirely useless or ineffective. British
An early example of this idiom is found in this statement by the Irish lawyer Stephen Rice ( 1637–1715 ): ‘I will drive a coach and six horses through the Act of Settlement’. Early versions of the phrase also refer to a space big enough to turn a coach and six (or four ) (i.e. horses) in, but the context, following Rice's declaration, is very often that of rendering a law or regulation ineffective.
1997 Spectator A coach and horses was driven through one of the guiding principles of American statecraft.
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drive a coach and ˈhorses through something

succeed in avoiding certain rules, conditions, etc. in an obvious and important way, without being punished: The wage increase we’ve been given is three times the government’s limit. We’ve driven a coach and horses right through their pay policy.
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n. a mobile snack truck. (The term was revived in the Persian Gulf War.) The roach-coach pulled up in front of the dorm every night about eleven.
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A legend at Butte High School (Butte, MT), Swede Dahlberg coached the Bulldogs from 1922 to 1966.
He has coached four different sports at the varsity level (wrestling, baseball, softball and football) at four different high schools (Hug High School, also in Reno, then 25 years at Wooster and currently at Bishop Manogue, where he is football coach and A.D.).
In addition, he also coached three state championship basketball teams, compiling an overall record of 618-271.
Between 1940 and 1985, he coached at eight schools and combined an overall record of 396-91-15.
While at Northwood School (Lake Placid, NY) from 1965-72, Coach O'Neil coached the varsity baseball, soccer and hockey teams, as well as the JV soccer and hockey squads.
Coach Otton has coached high school football in Washington for 39 years, the past 33 at Tumwater High (Tumwater, WA).
Consequently, instead of coaching one position, I coached the front 8 as a unit more than I had the previous year.
MASUR: I received my Masters degree at Montclair State when I coached there and I got my Doctorate in Education Administration and Supervision and Leadership at St.
He coached at George Williams College, now defunct, and was the 1968 Olympic coach.
COACH: Including USC, you have won at every place you have coached: Leading the U.
HEWITT: From working at basketball camps and watching teams coached by the masters of the game--Smith, Thompson, Pitino, and others.