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coach (someone) for (something)

To help someone to prepare for something. My daughter struggles with public speaking, so I coached her for the debate.
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drive a coach and horses through (something)

To expose the flaws in something, such as a statement, argument, or belief. Primarily heard in UK. The suspect had said he wasn't there that night but then drove a coach and horses through that idea with today's contradictory statement.
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coach someone for something

to train or drill someone in preparation for doing something. Elliott coached his roommate every night for the contest. Juan coached Alice for the play.
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drive a coach and horses through something

Fig. to expose weak points or "holes" in an argument, alibi, or criminal case by [figuratively] driving a horse and carriage through them. (Formal. Emphasizes the large size of the holes or gaps in the argument.) The barrister drove a horse and carnage through the witness's testimony. The opposition will drive a coach and horses through the wording of that government bill.
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drive a coach and horses through something

mainly BRITISH
If you drive a coach and horses through an agreement or an established way of doing something, you destroy it or change it completely. The judgment appeared to drive a coach and horses through the Hague agreement. Ministers are driving a coach and horses through the plans.

drive a coach and horses through

make something entirely useless or ineffective. British
An early example of this idiom is found in this statement by the Irish lawyer Stephen Rice ( 1637–1715 ): ‘I will drive a coach and six horses through the Act of Settlement’. Early versions of the phrase also refer to a space big enough to turn a coach and six (or four ) (i.e. horses) in, but the context, following Rice's declaration, is very often that of rendering a law or regulation ineffective.
1997 Spectator A coach and horses was driven through one of the guiding principles of American statecraft.
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drive a coach and ˈhorses through something

succeed in avoiding certain rules, conditions, etc. in an obvious and important way, without being punished: The wage increase we’ve been given is three times the government’s limit. We’ve driven a coach and horses right through their pay policy.


n. a mobile snack truck. (The term was revived in the Persian Gulf War.) The roach-coach pulled up in front of the dorm every night about eleven.
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Besides being coachable, the other intangible that veterans offer is the ability to make decisions.
I was pleased with one thing that came out of tonight and that was, after three days'training, the lads are coachable.
And I think that he's coachable, I'm not trying by any means to say he's played perfect because nobody has, but when I say he's coachable I mean that he has listened and then tried to go out there and perform.
He is nowhere near the full article but is a very coachable player, a good listener on the training ground.
I think they believe that the women listen more and are more coachable.
Our kids are very athletic, very hungry and very coachable.
He is giving 100 percent and willing to be coachable and learn everything.
Michael is an extremely coachable young man who has shown great determination and drive in his short time at the club.
This group is one of the most mature, coachable groups I've had," Braswell said.
He is big, strong and aggressive - all the right qualities needed from a prop forward - but he's also smart and very coachable.
I give all the credit for that to my players for being coachable, great listeners and willing to put up with a guy who did a lot of non-traditional things with the offense (like throw on first down).
And the one fine thing about Rhodes is that he is 'very coachable.
Dylan is a coachable kid and I can see that during a game when we talk about what is going right and what is going wrong on offense," said Rossi, whose team travels to Clinton High on Friday night.
He has shown that he is very coachable so far this year, and this tournament was a step in the right direction for him.
I didn't get the impression he was the most coachable of players," commented Dwyer, who coached the Wallabies to their 1991 World Cup triumph.