clutch to

clutch (someone or something) to (something)

To press or hold something firmly against something else. Suzy clutched her new doll to her chest. Clutch this icepack to your knee to alleviate the swelling.
See also: clutch

clutch someone or something to something

to grasp and hold someone or something to something. She clutched the baby to her bosom. Lee clutched the ice pack to his head.
See also: clutch
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Stitch a modern bow clutch to pair with a special occasion dress or add elegance to a nighttime ensemble.
Our testing shows the DuroSpeed fan drive's innovative flux ring design enables this clutch to run 70 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than competitive offerings.
The EverTough line was intended to address this need and fill the "better" gap within the manufacturer's tiered portfolio of offerings by optimizing key areas of the clutch to achieve a balance of price and performance.
To enable the clutch to engage at low and high speeds, but also to prevent sustained ratcheting action of the pawls with the clutch output at high speed and the clutch input stopped or at low speed, primary and secondary pawls are used, as can be seen in Figure 2.
He adds: " The current hot favourite mini clutches are Leiber or Bottega Venetta, which has further reduced its size from a midsized clutch to a real mini one.
For example, when changing from first to second gear, the computer detects the up-shift and engages second gear, then releases the first-gear clutch while engaging the second-gear clutch to achieve a seamless gear change.
For example, when changing from 1st to 2nd gear, the computer detects the up-shift and engages 2nd gear, then releases the 1st-gear clutch while engaging the 2nd-gear clutch to achieve a seamless gear change.
Convective cooling is increased, allowing this clutch to cool four times faster than its predecessor.
He said: "I thought for Dodgy Clutch to go to South Africa and bring people back from there was very important.
See if either cleaning the screen or replacing the elbow gets the fan clutch to work.
From Beale Street to Oblivion" is not due out until Tuesday, but expect Clutch to liberally dip into the project when it plays tomorrow at The Middle East in Cambridge.
Marco has designed the new Super Clutch to replace its Endure Clutch, providing a series of new features which fit a wider range of applications and offer a longer life cycle, the company said.
I'd have expected the clutch to last around 10,000 miles or so, or am I being optimistic?
A descriptive analysis of the natural seasonal trends in clutch size and components of reproductive success was carried out, and the contribution of the clutch to fitness was examined in four phases: clutch size, probability of success (fledging at least one young), the number of fledglings per egg in successful nests, and recruitment of fledglings into the breeding population.
Torque the clutch to the manufacturer's recommendations, and you're done.