cluster around (someone or something)

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cluster around (someone or something)

1. To gather around someone or something. The kids clustered around the clown to watch him make balloon animals.
2. To position someone or something around someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "cluster" and "around." Mom clustered the kids around the clown so that they could all see him make balloon animals. Now we need to cluster the purple flowers around the white ones.
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cluster someone or something around someone or something

to bunch people or things together around someone or something. She clustered the cups around the punch bowl. Karen clustered the children around the fire.
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cluster around someone or something

[for a group of people or things] to bunch together, surrounding someone or something. The birds clustered around the chimney top to keep warm. The kids clustered around the police officer.
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"There are other clusters around the UK competing for UK Government support and investment and I am doing all I can to promote the Scottish cluster and make use of existing expertise and infrastructure in the north-east."
"It is planned to create clusters around the enterprise, and local companies will be able to use the products manufactured by those clusters.
At present, 276 tanneries were operating in 10 clusters around the city.
"Your industry has successful clusters around the country, not only in the North East where we have one of the largest clusters, but also in the North West too.
The map also shows swearing clusters around sporting fixtures and that bad language gets more prevalent as the day goes on.
However, a new report suggests that earthquakes occur not only in geographic clusters around the world but also in "time clusters." And the world may have recently entered a new cluster of seismic activity that will be marked by major earthquakes striking much more frequently than society has grown accustomed to.
It is proposed that sites will be grouped in clusters around a key gateway location.
Authors identify the different types of clusters around the world and consider what policy makers could learn by studying them.
There was no sign of fast food clusters around schools in "low-commercialization areas."
By the time the public knows of a property becoming available, it's been well and truly picked over." Instead the MHS team uses their focus on love hotel clusters around freeway offramps to go Upfront and negotiate directly with operators--many of whom are also owners--they feel could be under financial pressure.
For example, if developers wanted to form clusters around the forest industry, they would search out forest-driven areas like Sault Ste.
`Corruption hovers in clusters around it and it causes the continuation of desperate poverty for lots of people across the world.' Corrupt arms expenditure diverts taxpayers' money away from schools, hospitals, roads and transport infrastructure.
Move your pots into clusters around the house windows so you can see them from indoors.