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cluster around (someone or something)

1. To gather around someone or something. The kids clustered around the clown to watch him make balloon animals.
2. To position someone or something around someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "cluster" and "around." Mom clustered the kids around the clown so that they could all see him make balloon animals. Now we need to cluster the purple flowers around the white ones.
See also: around, cluster

cluster together

To gather or bunch together. The kids clustered together to watch the clown make balloon animals. Why are all of our nicest Christmas ornaments clustered together on one side of the tree?
See also: cluster, together

cluster around someone or something

[for a group of people or things] to bunch together, surrounding someone or something. The birds clustered around the chimney top to keep warm. The kids clustered around the police officer.
See also: around, cluster

cluster someone or something around someone or something

to bunch people or things together around someone or something. She clustered the cups around the punch bowl. Karen clustered the children around the fire.
See also: around, cluster

cluster together

to bunch or group together. All of the bats clustered together on the roof of the cave. The children clustered together in small groups here and there on the playground.
See also: cluster, together

cluster fuck

1. n. an act of group rape. (Also Charlie Foxtrot from the initials CF. Usually objectionable.) Look at her! She’s just asking for a cluster fuck.
2. n. any event as riotous as an act of group rape. (Figurative on sense 1 The same allusion as sense 1) This goddamn day has been one long cluster fuck!
See also: cluster, fuck
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Terracotta DSO clusters the JVM so applications are deployed across a large number of servers in a fault-tolerant architecture.
Application-to-storage APIs from industry leaders including Microsoft can enable storage clusters to dynamically respond to changes requested by the application or operating system itself.
While shedding light on the nature of globular clusters, the finding deepens the mystery of how millisecond pulsars formed, notes Richard N.
The BCEB planned to rely on a high performance computing cluster to accelerate cancer research, including human genome research, bioinformatics, protein structure prediction and large-scale computer simulations.
Additionally, capital expenditure should be less when adding to a cluster because customers are not buying completely new systems.
Availability: Matrix Server enables fault-tolerant database clusters with integrated HA capabilities and MPIO functionality that eliminates single points of failure.
In contrast, techniques that generate many clusters containing just one or a few genes are undesirable.
That suggested that the cluster actually consists of two smaller clusters in collision.
You really can't have clusters of industries as far a part as northeastern and northwestern Ontario, so it would be far preferable to have two.
The SANS measurements showed that the magnetic cluster size scales with the grain size.
Tularik, a San Francisco-based biotechnology company specializing in drug discovery and development using gene regulation, is using a 150 processor Evolocity cluster from Linux NetworX, and is one of the first organizations to use ICE Box in production.
MS clusters may sometimes crop up in a factory setting.
The tree representation of these six clusters of occupations is depicted in Figure 1.
The result is simplified deployment and management of large-scale Linux clusters, including those made by Dell[TM] PowerEdge[TM] servers.
Storage clusters are accessible to all clients on the network.