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cling to (someone or something)

1. Literally, to hold on to someone or something tightly. The little girl clung to her dad's legs and cried as he tried to leave for work. I clung to the side of the rock and prayed that a search party would find me.
2. By extension, to remain devoted to or entrenched in something, often a belief or opinion. In this ever-changing world, you can't just stubbornly cling to your old beliefs.
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cling together

1. Of two or more things, to adhere to one another. The pages in this book are so thin that they usually cling together.
2. Of two or more people, to hold each other tightly. The wind was so strong that we had to cling together just to cross the parking lot!
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cling together

[for two or more people or animals] to hold on tightly to each other. The two children clung together throughout the ordeal. The baby baboon and its mother clung together and could not be separated.
See also: cling, together
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He was able to pull the man out and pass him to Insp Pescod on rocks, where the pair clung on to the victim until a lifeboat from Tynemouth arrived.
But when she turned round to see a man climbing into the driver's seat, the determined motorist grabbed hold of the bonnet and clung on.
Far from rushing into English, most of America's previous immigrants clung to Polish or Italian or German, leaving the linguistic shift to their children.
Even then she clung to the back of her Vauxhall Astra before they sped off, leaving her covered in blood.
He clung on to American motorcycle legend Randy Mamola, 49, and then chatted to 18-yearold English rider Bradley Smith before settling down to watch the British MotoGP.
A DELIVERY driver yesterday told of how he clung to the roof of his car as a thief drove it away at high speed.
A mother at a Kisangani transit camp clung to her dead child.
Dad-of-three John Jarrett, 41, desperately clung to a fish tray with skipper Charlie Picton, 40, to stay afloat as 39-year-old deckhand Michael Williams risked shark-infested waters to reach the shore.
Their fall was only broken by a narrow ledge, which they clung to for more than an hour before being spotted by a member of the public, who alerted the emergency services.
A MOTORIST clung on to a getaway car after a gang took shop fitting tools from his vehicle in Witherley Road, Atherstone.
Colello clung to the outside of the car, even as it swerved from one side of Ventura Boulevard to the other, traveling west at speeds of 60 to 70 miles an hour, Ruchhoft said.
They were great - they grabbed hold of him and just clung on.
A hope she clung to was that the man charged with the killing would be held accountable.
He clung on to the sill for an agonisingly tense moment before letting go and hurtling to his death below.
As she floated helplessly Sylvia Lucas, 11, grabbed a log and clung on desperately hoping someone would save her.