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class clown

A mischievous or impudent student who frequently disrupts the class with jokes, pranks, or wry comments as a means of drawing attention to him- or herself. Every teacher has to deal with class clowns eventually.
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clown about

slang To joke, play, or otherwise behave in a silly, careless way. A less common variant of "clown around." I can see you boys clowning about back there! Sit down and do the math problems I assigned. The kids are fine. They're just clowning about with each other in the back yard.
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clown around

slang To joke, play, or otherwise behave in a silly way. I can see you boys clowning around back there! Sit down and do the math problems I assigned. The kids are just clowning around with each other in the back yard, if you want to call them for dinner.
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like a clown's pocket

Very big, like the pocket on a clown's baggy pants. This one's got a mouth like a clown's pocket on him—don't know when to shut up.
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clown around (with someone)

Fig. to join with someone in acting silly; [for two or more people] to act silly together. The boys were clowning around with each other. The kids are having fun clowning around.
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n. a fool. Tell that clown in the front row to shut up.

clown around

in. to act silly; to mess around. We were just clowning around. We didn’t mean to break anything.
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Such remarks emphasize Jacoby's clownishness, but in a darker moment Lance portrays the warping of reality accomplished by Jacoby's "movie people" as almost demonic.
While a few recent films (notably Clara's Heart) have attempted fairly complex portrayals of the lives of West Indian immigrants, for the most part, cinematic treatment of this population tends towards the extremes of clownishness or criminality.
88-9) Brierly also voices the now familiar criticism of Collier: 'It will be a source of satisfaction to me to think that in all that I have written I have striven to rescue the Lancashire character from the erroneous conceptions of "Tim Bobbin." The Lancashire man is not necessarily a representative of clownishness.'
As steered (with an occasionally heavy hand) by director Michael Schlitt at Actor's Gang, Michael Niemand (Herzl) and Joseph Grimm (Hitler) fare best when they revel in the essential clownishness of the material rather than reaching for an emotional engagement with the audience that works against the comic ironies of the play.
For it does seem that Colescott exaggerated the features of the bottommost figure, while the vibrant patterning of his jacket only emphasizes his clownishness. Of course it's difficult to say with certainty that the figure was intended as a caricature, particularly since Colescott's style already hewed so close to the cartoonish; yet none of the figures caught in action in the midground seem treated to nearly the same degree of exaggeration.
Kahn has clearly tried hard, perhaps too hard, to compensate by cranking up the clownishness full-tilt.
Originally Lewis planned to present a kaleidoscopic history of Zenith within Babbitt's dream, but in the event he dropped this historical dimension and also toned down the clownishness of Babbitt himself.
Victorian witnesses appeared less aware of Sam's bumbling clownishness than is Anthony Jenkins.
Special praise is reserved for Bonham Carter, who delivers a charming dollop of her trademark clownishness; and Awkwafina, a rapper, comedian and actress who injects a refreshing dash of street culture to a cast and story line that leans heavily on haute couture.