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class clown

A mischievous or impudent student who frequently disrupts the class with jokes, pranks, or wry comments as a means of drawing attention to him- or herself. Every teacher has to deal with class clowns eventually.
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clown about

slang To joke, play, or otherwise behave in a silly, careless way. A less common variant of "clown around." I can see you boys clowning about back there! Sit down and do the math problems I assigned. The kids are fine. They're just clowning about with each other in the back yard.
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clown around

slang To joke, play, or otherwise behave in a silly way. I can see you boys clowning around back there! Sit down and do the math problems I assigned. The kids are just clowning around with each other in the back yard, if you want to call them for dinner.
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like a clown's pocket

Very big, like the pocket on a clown's baggy pants. This one's got a mouth like a clown's pocket on him—don't know when to shut up.
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send in the clowns

To add comedy or levity to a situation that is proceeding poorly. Commonly used in the context of theatrical productions. Popularized by the Steven Sondheim song "Send in the Clowns," from the 1973 musical A Little Night Music. When Pete's PowerPoint presentation froze, I knew our chances of getting the grant were eroding rapidly. All I could do was lean over to Mitch and whisper, "Send in the clowns," so he would tell a joke or something.
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clown around (with someone)

Fig. to join with someone in acting silly; [for two or more people] to act silly together. The boys were clowning around with each other. The kids are having fun clowning around.
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n. a fool. Tell that clown in the front row to shut up.

clown around

in. to act silly; to mess around. We were just clowning around. We didn’t mean to break anything.
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