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clout list

A secret list of people who, through advantageous connections and relationships with people of affluence, authority, or political influence, are given preferential consideration during an admissions or appointments process. Even though he didn't do well in school, his father's connections to state senators and local politicians enabled him to be put on the university's clout list, and he eventually gained admission.
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Arrested or apprehended. if they catch you defacing the park benches, you'll be clouted for sure.
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mod. arrested. They do things like that to get clouted so they can have a warm place to stay overnight.
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In the statement, Mr Clouting added: "Some information involving references came to light which gave us no choice but to withdraw the offer of employment to Andy Dawson.
Well Mr Clouting, I for one would most certainly expect you to before I part with even more of my hard-earned cash.
And Clouting explained the third and final element is a request by the league for details of the club's cashflow forecast going forward in the form of interim accounts.
The evergreen 38-year-old, who made his Witches debut in 1982, will be riding his 459th meeting for the club after agreeing to replace Clouting for a month.
The former World No.3 comes into the Witches side on a 4.71 average and takes over Clouting's reserve berth.
Ipswich reserve Savalas Clouting also has a finger injury and he will be replaced by Newport's Craig Watson if he is ruled out of this evening's Craven Shield fixture.
Bees are without Charlie Gjedde, who is competing in a Danish Under 21 qualifying meeting at Holstebro, while Ipswich await a fitness check on reserve Savalas Clouting.