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clout list

A secret list of people who, through advantageous connections and relationships with people of affluence, authority, or political influence, are given preferential consideration during an admissions or appointments process. Even though he didn't do well in school, his father's connections to state senators and local politicians enabled him to be put on the university's clout list, and he eventually gained admission.
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Arrested or apprehended. if they catch you defacing the park benches, you'll be clouted for sure.
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ne'er cast a clout till May be out

old-fashioned Do not start to wear summer clothes in May because cold temperatures are still possible. "Clout" in this sense means an article of clothing. Wait a little longer to get out your summer clothes because May is known to be quite chilly around here. As my Grandma used to say, "Ne'er cast a clout till May be out." Here, take a jacket. Ne'er cast a clout till May be out.
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mod. arrested. They do things like that to get clouted so they can have a warm place to stay overnight.
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It merely means that where the elections are far more "ideological," or where the lines are more sharply drawn between candidates, such as in epic battles between right and wrong, decency and rottenness, good and evil, that clout isn't there.
Marketing Clout is a new breed of marketing service provider for a new age of content-driven consumption.
Whitaker has also used his clout to produce and direct an eclectic array of motion picture and television vehicles.
Asked again if he would back Mr Brown, he said: "I haven't had the discussions with him about this but let's be honest about this, I haven't seen the field for deputy and I haven't got the clout at the moment to make a difference.
O'Neill's successor, John Snow, was an effective salesman of Bush's policies, but he lacked clout in Congress or on Wall Street.
The result is a disaster, with Spitzer coming across as overbearing and drunk on his growing clout.
Could this signal a new age in which the film industry finally uses its clout to get the word out to mainstream America?
Oh, to wield such market clout. Top executives yearning to exert serious price pressure on health-plan medical providers surely must envy the California Public Employees Retirement System.
Wal-Mart's refusal to carry certain media products has given the discounter additional clout with music and film producers and publishers.
While the Business Roundtable and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) have also wielded considerable influence with the agencies, he suggests their clout has been waning, while FEI's has risen.
Clout is another word for a lump of earth but has other meanings too that take us down a different path.
'My tip at the start of the season was Wigan, simply because they had the financial clout to get quality in.
And the proposal of Panama as a more promising site than Miami for FTAA headquarters is a clear indication of how wary Latin nations are of American clout with the proposed secretariat.
FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston appears to have lost her clout with studio chiefs as the series comes to an end.