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"The addition of the cloudless password manager will enable our users to securely store their passwords and seamlessly access their Blockpass identity apps on their phones."
Clouds usually emit more IR radiation than the cloudless sky background.
Under a cloudless sky, the flotilla set sail for the French port from Ramsgate in Kent this morning, their departure heralded by fanfare from well-wishers lining the harbour walls.
To uncover how large an effect recent C[O.sub.2] increases have had on Earth's energy balance, Daniel Feldman of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and colleagues monitored the thermal radiation hitting two sites in Alaska and Oklahoma on cloudless days.
It was very hot and dry, there was no wind and the sky was cloudless.
A moonless, cloudless night A[degrees] that is the perfect sky for my picture," he said, smiling at the thought.
On this festive day I wish our children all the best, peace and a cloudless sky over their heads.
Who doesn't require a cloudless sky To enjoy a picnic.
And then Fatou Bensouda's photo on the front cover of the Aug/Sept issue reflects a conscience as clear as a blue, cloudless African sky!
After two or three minutes he appeared against the cloudless blue sky before steering himself to safety, landing on a patch of New Mexico scrubland, just nine minutes after jumping.
The sun is beaming down From a sky of cloudless blue, Its warmth seems to bless the landscape Although I know there will be few Days left to feel her benediction For autumn now is here And the pleasures of the summer months Will soon fade until next year.
The capsule, carrying US astronaut Joseph Acaba and Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Sergei Revin, parachuted through a cloudless sky and touched down on Monday morning.
drop, the morning gyrate with orange skycome, shift to cloudless
Quiet, cloudless skies are the perfect stage for fireworks.