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close the door on (one)

To exclude one from something in a total or peremptory manner. A lot of banks closed the doors on me when I applied for a loan because of my criminal record. The government's new regulations close the door on thousands of citizens seeking financial aid.
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close the door on (something)

1. Literally, to shut a door while something is in the way, usually accidentally. Whoa, hang on, my dress is caught on something. I think I closed the door on it. I accidentally closed the door on my finger. I think it might be broken!
2. To hinder something; to make something impossible. If they find out that you lied on your résumé, it will definitely close the door on this job opportunity for you. The new president has already indicated that she will be closing the door on any further efforts to unite the two countries.
3. To conclude something. While graduation closes the door on the high school experience for most seniors, there are always an unlucky few who have to stay behind an extra year. I'm just glad to close the door on this whole unfortunate affair.
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/shut the door on
To refuse to allow for the possibility of: The secretary of state closed the door on future negotiations.
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