close (one's) mind (to) (something)

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close (one's) mind (to) (something)

To become reluctant or resistant toward considering something. I've tried encouraging her, but it seems she's really closed her mind to the idea of running for office. Don't close your mind—there's always hope that a situation can change for the better.
See also: close, mind

close (or shut) your mind to (or against)

refuse to consider or acknowledge.
See also: close, mind

close your ˈmind (to something)

be unwilling or unable to consider new ideas, proposals, etc: His mind is closed to the possibility of reform. ▶ closed-ˈminded adj. (disapproving):: She was accused of being closed-minded and intolerant of other people’s opinions.
See also: close, mind
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We have not completely closed our minds to it but I believe the opposition from the police would be too great to overcome."
"The inquiry has been going on for 16 years now - we haven't closed our minds to any possibility whatsoever."
Accidents do not happen to bring the rest of the world to its senses, but if they have no impact on us, we have closed our minds to their effect.
Barnett again played down any possibility of extending the meeting to four days, saying: "We have not closed our minds to it, but we are not ready for it yet."
``But I want to emphasise that we haven't closed our minds to other explanations.